5min, the syndicator of "how to" Web videos, is expanding to news, starting with gossip news, says CEO Ran Harnevo in this video interview.

5min syndicates content from various publishers, including Scripps, to sites around the web, using a custom video player that resides on distribution sites and is dynamically updated when new content is published.

5min sells ads around these videos and splits revenue with the publisher and the destination site. Big brands from P&G and Kraft are in the network.   There are over a 1,000 video creators and 800 sites working with 5min.

Keeping up with increased demand for Web video, 5min will soon launch a "self-service" interface for Web sites to customize their videos feed.

The latest comScore numbers finds that 5min is the 17th biggest video site in the United States, with 30 million unique visitors in May who watched 106 million videos. This is a 15 percent increase over April.  (See the May comScore numbers below.)

Ran was a panelist at the Beet.TV Online Video Roundtable at MSNBC on Tuesday.

Here's a recent story on 5min in the Business Insider.

Andy Plesser, Managing Editor


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