Video in 2011: The Term Web “Site” is an “Anachronism”

How quickly the distribution and consumption of video has transformed in the past year with connected TV’s and the emergence of mobile video.  


BitTorrent Claims 100 Million Active Users Worldwide

Pioneering P2P file sharing platform BitTorrent has 100 million active users, the company announced on Monday. Readies HTML5 as its Standard Player, Replacing Flash

While most of the the major video sites and online video services providers are providing HTML5 support, primarily for Apple iOS devices, is going to adopt HTML5 as its standard player for the Web and other platforms, says Justin Day, co-founder and CTO in this interview with Beet.TV


Verizon Developing Ultra Fast 10GB Per-House Connection in the U.S.

In November, Verizon FiOS announced a substantial increase in connection speed to 150 MBPS down and 35 MBPS up for all of its 12.5 million U.S. subscribers. 


W3C’s Le Hegaret: Developer “Sentiment” is Building Around Google’s WebM Video Codec

CAMBRIDGE, Mass — With its acquisition of ON2 and its video codec VP8,  Google is seeking to establish a unified, industry-wide codec for publishers to create HTML5 video.


Roku Readies Pay-Per-View System for Small Publishers

While Netflix, the and Amazon have sophisticated payment systems in place on the Roku platform, smaller publishers have few options to generate subscription or pay-per-view payments.


KickApps Online Video Player Rolling Out Across NBC Universal Properties

MONACO — KickApps, the New York-based online video platform, known for helping publishers with video integration into social networks, is integrating its player/platform with NBC Universal for all its online video — both its destination sites and for syndication, says CEO Alex Blum in this exclusive interview with Beet.TV.


Roku: “We Are the Value Leader” in the Connected Living Room and are “Well Positioned”

With its small, one-pound box priced from $60 to $100 depending on features, Roku is the “value leader” in the connected living room, says company spokesperson Brian Jaquet in this interview with Beet.TV


Danish Firm Launches “Videosite,” a “WordPress for Video”

MONACO — A small start-up from Copenhagen, 23 Video, has launched globally its online video platform. 


Google TV’s Choudhary: We “Never Intended to Replace Cable or Satellite”

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif — Google TV was never intended to replace subscriptions to cable or satellite TV, but to integrate Web video and Apps with television offerings, says Google's Saluhuddin Choudhary, project manager, in this interview with Beet.TV


Akamai President: “Real Advantages for an App Model” in Delivering Video

MONACO – Distributing video content via Apps has “real advantages,” says David Kenny president of Akamai in this interview with Beet.TV


The British are Coming: BBC Readies Global Launch of the iPlayer

MONACO — With the approval of its governing body, the BBC is readying the global introduction of the iPlayer, the highly successful video on-demand platform which registered 139 million video program views in October.


“The World of Flash and HTML5 will be a Great One,” Adobe’s Kevin Towes

LOS ANGELES — The talk of platform wars between Flash and HTML5 has apparently ended, at least publicly from Adobe’s side.


Beet.TV is Live on AOL’s 5MIN Video Portal and Syndication Platform

Ran Harnevo on AOL's 5MIN Acquisition Beet.TV is live on 5MIN, the fast-growing video syndication and portal which was acquired by AOL last month. 


Forrester’s McQuivey: Microsoft Could be “Dominant Player in the TV Business Overnight”

LOS ANGELES — While the television industry is abuzz in anticipation over Google TV, the big story in the convergence of television and the Web could be the Xbox, says Forrester's James McQuivey, a top industry analyst.


Adobe’s Flash Has Bridge to HTML5 with New Conversion Tool

Last week, Adobe announced it was providing developers with a tool to convert Flash video files to HTML5, the new format which is increasingly widespread on mobile devices.


Brightcove and Taboola, Unlocking Video Archives via Recommendation Engine

NEW YORK — Brightcove, the big Boston-based online video platform has integrated Tabloola to provide publishing customers, including The New York Times, with the means to increase video views by serving up related video thumbnails around a video player or as supplement to text page.


Pay-Per-View for Online Video Emerges as Ooyala Integrates PayPal

While pay–per-view has become pervasive for live sports, Amazon’s on-demand service and adult entertainment, subscriptions and micro-payments are emerging for online video publishers. 


Dailymotion Boosts Content Discovery with New “Hubs”

PARIS — Dailymotion, the big global video sharing site, has been developing tools for content discovery including "hubs," areas of content around themes and personal interest.


Vimeo Plans iPhone App, Report

Vimeo, the video sharing site favored by independent content creators and an increasing number of consumers, is developing an iPhone App, according to a report on NewTeeVee.

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