In 2021, TV isn’t just “TV” anymore”.

Once upon a time, TV ads were sold against rough demographics. Now that internet-enabled TV services are bringing targetability and data, TV is changing.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Comscore’s chief product officer David Algranati says that is prompting a re-assessment of how “TV” must be measured and sold. He describes three trends describing the conversation.

1. Impression-based measurement

Finally, measuring TV measurement doesn’t have to just be about a rough, representative panel estimate.

Panels still have their place, but the new trend is toward measuring actual viewing.

“Impression-based measurement is common in the digital marketplace, it’s more emerging in television,” Algranati says. “But to measure those impressions, that involves large-scale data, in both digital and television deliveries.

“On top of that large-scale data, (there is) the ability to link and deduplicate those impressions, which then gives advertisers the intelligence about reach that they seek in really formulating their media plans.”

2. Making ads addressable

Whilst new TV services are burgeoning, you don’t necessarily need new services to create new ad slots.

Thanks to software coming in, even, to linear TV, ad buyers are finding they can target ads even in conventional TV streams.

“This includes sources that have always been available, like local station inventory, MVPD inventory and national network inventory wanting to be more jointly evaluated,” Comscore’s Algranati says. “But then there are other more emergent sources, like OTT and digital video.

“This is really existing inventory … but having different insertion capabilities across that.”

3. Providing detail

“Describing those media transactions in detail that the buy and sell side want” is key, Algranati says.

“A big component of the impression-based measurement is having ubiquity of the ad measurement across the different types of ad delivery.

“And then, on top of that, impression-based measurement, decorating those with additional information, like advanced audiences or other more bespoke or custom target definitions that are important to the buy side.”

This video is part of Advancing Toward a Common TV Measurement Currency, a Beet.TV leadership series presented by Comscore. For more videos from the series, please visit this page