In response to the cry for standardization of complex, proliferating media metrics, a growing glut of cross-platform currencies is expanding by the week.

In the latest such announcement, Comscore is launching Comscore Everywhere, what it’s calling “a true single-source unified cross-platform measurement solution”.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Comscore CEO Bill Livek explains the rationale.

Common dataset

Comscore Everywhere is a unification of Comscore platforms with sight of consumer behavior across millions of TV, VOD, OTT, desktop and mobile screens.

It claims to offer “proper deduplication and contextualization”.

And Comscore plans to create a “common comparable “Audience Definition” across media and screens powered by a singular dataset and methodology”.

Currency consolidation

Comscore Everywhere comes after Comscore launched several other initiatives:

“Comscore Everywhere basically is our platform of consolidating all of this innovation,” Livek tells Beet.TV.

“The world, as it’s becoming exciting with innovation, more highly fragmented, needs a currency that is stable and predictable, whether it’s an economic currency or whether it’s a currency of measuring content and advertising. Those two things have to be there.”

Rival platforms

The industry has been calling for an effective cross-platform media currency for some time, and the calls keep coming.

Meanwhile, several initiatives have also been launching to answer their prayers, including Nielsen ONE, which has been undergoing testing, from Comscore’s rival.

Comscore believes it can benefit from starting with accurate device measurement, rather than from panels.

Friendly fragmentation

“People watch content, they don’t watch platforms,” Livek adds

“It gives this complex problem of measuring the individuals so the ad agencies and brands and the sellers can figure out precisely where they want to put their commercial.

“We have built our company around this day that all of this content would be converging in a very complicated world.

“Fragmentation is the industry’s friend because it allows the brand to find highly targeted, highly desirable audiences. And that’s what we’re building for.”

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