Mobile Media Technology Company Readies U.S. Entry

Mobile video ads targeted at a user’s demographics and location could soon become a reality. GoldSpot Media has developed technology that can insert targeted ads into mobile broadcast networks in real time.  GoldSpot is already in commercial trials with broadcasters in Europe and Asia, and is currently in talks with broadcasters in the U.S., CEO […]


Pre-Roll Ads Predominate in Online Video Advertising Mix

Consumers may find pre-roll ads annoying, but they’re still the highest-performing asset and the model favored by large TV advertisers, according to Jayant Kadambi, CEO of video ad network YuMe.    Kadambi says that overlay ads, which are banners at the bottom of the screen, perform-second best and get a good viewer response because they’re […]


“The Fourth Screen”: Coming to a Storefront Near You

Digital advertising agency Avenue A-Razorfish wants to bring brand experiences to the "fourth screen"–a screen beyond the silver screen, TV, and computer. The term "fourth screen" is sometimes used to refer to mobile phones, but Avenue A-Razorfish has envisioned something larger: the storefront window. Consumers will be able to interact with a brand’s website through […]


New Semantic Ad Network Takes on Google AdSense

Peer39, an ad network that processes the meaning of text on web pages and delivers related ads, will help make advertising more relevant to viewers, CEO Amiad Solomon says. Basing ads around keywords on a page, as Google AdSense does, can yield tangential results. A page about a trip to Hawaii that mentions taking photos […]


Pay to Play: Online Video Subscriptions on the Horizon, Conde Nast Portfolio’s Blaise Zerega

Believe it: There will be a subscription model for online video.  paidContent’s Joe Weisenthal reports today that will soon experiment with a subscription model for online video.  Surely more publishers will follow as advertising opportunities are limited and some will pay a subscription price to watch video content.  How to get users to sign […]


CBS Sees Sponsored Web Video Programming as Viable Model

  PALO ALTO — It’s back to the future for the business of Web video: Advertiser-sponsored programming from the early days of television, when Texaco, Geritol and Lucky Strike paid to develop or sponsor new programming, is the most viable business model now for episodic content created for the Web, says Jigar Thakarar, Director, Web […]


Nokia Set to Integrate Navteq Maps into Entire Ovi Network

PALO ALTO–With the closing earlier this month of the $8.1 billion acquisition of Navteq, Nokia is set to fully integrate maps into its new content sharing site Ovi. Ovi allows users to store and share multimedia content.  The mapping element will provide important context for users, says Kamar Shah, head of global head of industry […]


MTV, NBC Integrating TV and Online Viewing

Television networks actually want their viewers to go online, according to Mary Kathleen Flynn, Senior Editor at Tech Confidential. Flynn, a veteran technology reporter who has covered the industry for CNN and MSNBC, describes describes how networks are using the Internet to deepen audience engagement.


TV Week Editor Greg Baumann: Online Video Needs Scale to Compete with Television

PALO ALTO — Creative online video programming is getting funding and proliferating, but its financial success won’t rival television’s until it can reach a much larger audience, TelevisionWeek editor Greg Baumann says. A key breakthrough will come when consumers can watch online video easily in their living rooms.


“There are no TV journalists anymore,” President Tells Beet.TV

PALO ALTO — “There are no TV journalists anymore,” says Charles Tillinghast, president and publisher of in this interview with Beet.TV is a joint venture of NBC Universal and Microsoft. Nope, he didn’t mean that there’s any downsizing over at NBC News, he means that video news gathering is no longer television-centric but […]


Tiny Collaborates with Digitas for The Smart Show, the scrappy New York start-up known as a video publishing platform for episodic Web video, is a partner to global digital ad agency Digitas in the creation of Holiday Inn Express’ web series The Smart Show.  To get an overview on and the collaboration with Digtas, I spoke with Blip’s Director of Advertising […]


Transformation on Madison Avenue: Ad Agencies Becoming Entertaintment Producers

Far beyond the limitations of the 30 second television spot, marketers now have the opportunity to connect with audiences through episodic, branded content.  Of course, marketers must connect with consumers who have migrated in mass numbers from television to online. 


Holiday Inn’s Webisode “Smart Show” Has Second Season

The Third Act, the newly formed branded content arm of mega advertising agency Digitas, launched the second season of The Smart Show for Holiday Inn Express last week. To learn about branded online video content and how The Smart Show is shaping up in its second season, I visited  Digitas VP/Creative Director Ben Jones at […]


Veoh ad targeting server enters beta

Veoh founder Dmitry Shapiro told Andy at OnHollywood last month about plans to monetize the site with behaviorally targeted ad videos. Today, the program is entering beta, Stephen Shankland at CNET reports.


Believe it: “Web Video Isn’t A Poor Stepchild,” to Television Advertising, MRM’s Michael Jacobs

No longer a cheap solution or a recycling bin for television advertising, Web video advertising is now a big budget affair, declares Michael Jacobs, the creative director of the New York office of MRM Worldwide, the big digital unit of Interpublic. 


VideoEgg Now Powers Video Player with Links to Local Merchants

VideoEgg Ad Network introduces five new features today, including zip-code specific messaging that provides hyperlinks from an embeddable player to stores in a viewer’s  area. Using consumers’ IP data to localize ads isn’t new, but generating it from a video player, with link to an interactive map, is pretty cool.


Beet.TV Has a National Sponsor with Holiday Inn

I am delighted that beginning today, Beet.TV is being sponsored by the Smart Show, an episodic Web series about business travel created for Holiday Inn Express by Digitas.  I’ve posted the the season’s first episode above. Fred Zaun over at ClickZ has many of the details in his post this morning.  Tameka Kee at Mediapost […]


U.S. Army Attracts 70 Percent of Prospects

An online video campaign is attracting 70 percent of new army prospects, Beet.TV has learned. MRM, a digital ad agency owned by Interpublic Group, produced videos for the online Army Strong campaign that highlight and demystify the Army experience. Last week we spoke with MRM New York’s Creative Director Michael Jacobs, who heads digital campaigns […]


How to Make Money With Vlogs? Blip.TV’s Mike Hudack Illuminates

A topic on everyone’s mind at the Vloggercon conference has been business models – is there a way to make money off of this hobby/tool/fad? The folks at Rocketboom were certainly asked about their model during their turn on the stage – apparently some of their ads go for upwards of $85,000 dollars a week! […]


New York Times Columnist Stuart Elliott Says Online Advertising Exploration is in Full Tilt

Click To Play We caught up with Stuart Elliott outside the office of the New York Times this week. The longtime ad industry watcher sees this as a particularly exciting time in the advertising world. He sees a great deal of exploration happening on a variety of new media platforms. Stuart is fascinated with all […]

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