Veoh founder Dmitry Shapiro told Andy at OnHollywood last month about plans to monetize the site with behaviorally targeted ad videos. Today, the program is entering beta, Stephen Shankland at CNET reports.

Veoh will track users’ video-viewing habits and then places them into
one of nine groups, such as sci fi or pop culture. So even when users
watch something unrelated to their dominant interest area, the targeted
ads can follow them. 

The program will face a few hurdles, which Erick Schonfeld explains well in his post TechCrunch. We’ve republished the interview in light of the news.

Correction appended: We reported earlier based on other information that Veoh was bringing the program out of beta today, when in fact it is entering beta, as CNET reported. We have changed the post to reflect this information.


Kelsey Blodget, Associate Producer