Entrepreneur to the PR World: “Get Over the Fear Factor, Video is Here!”

Click To Play We caught up with Shoba Purushothaman of The NewsMarket at the Arthur Page Society Conference last month. Shoba is a PR pro turned entrepreneur/video evangelist. Her company works with TV news professionals, providing broadcast-quality video over the Internet. Shoba took a break from the conference for senior corporate communication executives to talk […]


The “Attention Economy” Doesn’t have Room for Marketers says Tech Pundit Esther Dyson

Click To Play The Beet was wondering about the topsy-turvy world for advertisers — how they can make headway selling their stuff with all this decentralized media, social networking and all types of technology platforms like wireless.  Can they get the attention their clients want? We had chat with technology oracle Esther Dyson high atop […]


Internet “Court Jester” Esther Dyson Throws Some Cold Water on Online Video Mania

Click To Play The Beet caught up with Internet visionary Esther Dyson on the roof of her Manhattan office to talk about the exciting developments surrounding online video.  The balmy spring breeze didn’t warm Esther’s heart to the usefulness of online video for marketers trying to reach busy business people. Despite the buzz surrounding online […]


Technorati’s Peter Hirshberg on the emerging forms of video expression on the Web

Click To Play Peter Hirshberg, Exec VP at Technorati, is back with The Beet to share that video blogging is becoming more and more sophisticated by the minute. Video bloggers are editing their content, incorporating cut-aways into their videos, and using vlogs as a platform for shorts and humorous video creation. But video blogs won’t […]


USC’s Jerry Swerling

Click To Play Jerry Swerling, Director of Public Relations Studies and Strategic PR Center at Annenberg School of Communications at the University of Southern California explains how employee blogging can be an effective form of corporate communications. Swerling was interviewed on April 6 at the annual meeting of the Arthur Page Society, a professional association […]


Yahoo’s Patrick Houston on Online Video

Click To Play Patrick Houston, General Manager of Yahoo! Tech, explains that the demand for online advertising inventory on web sites is driving the creation of online video content. Patrick was on a panel at the Impact ’05 conference at New York University. — Andy Plesser Patrick Houston, Yahoo, Online Video, Online Advertising

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