VideoEgg Ad Network introduces five new features today, including zip-code specific messaging that provides hyperlinks from an embeddable player to stores in a viewer’s  area. Using consumers’ IP data to localize ads isn’t new, but generating it from a video player, with link to an interactive map, is pretty cool.

The shopping feature makes it possible to browse products directly in the advertisement, so consumers won’t have to get redirected to another site to shop. We think this will appeal to a lot of people, since interrupting someone’s surfing can be irritating.

The "live" feature will use RSS feeds to keep the ads current, the "rich" feature will keep consumers engaged longer with multiple video clips, and the "viral" feature will make the ads embeddable.

VideoEgg is managing online video ads for Subaru and will the local links soon to this campaign,  movie trailers and other advertising.

This entire initiative is emblematic of VideoEgg’s commitment to engagement — making video advertising interactive and engaging.  Earlier this year, Andy spoke with VideoEgg CMO about engagement as a true measure of advertising success.  We have reposted the interview.   Looks like they are making some progress here.

Here’s the take from MediaPost.  Here’s the take of Erick Schonfeld at TechCrunch.

— Kelsey Blodget