Digital advertising agency Avenue A-Razorfish wants to bring brand experiences to the "fourth screen"–a screen beyond the silver screen, TV, and computer. The term "fourth screen" is sometimes used to refer to mobile phones,
but Avenue A-Razorfish has envisioned something larger: the storefront window.

Consumers will be able to interact with a brand’s website through storefront touch-screens, according to Emerging Media VP Terri Walter. Avenue A-Razorfish unveiled a prototype of its storefront screens for client J.C. Penney at its eighth annual Client Summit.

Consumers will also be able to research merchandise on large touch-screens at kiosks inside the stores. AT&T has pilot kiosks in 12 stores nationwide, Megan McIlroy from AdvertisingAge reports.

Avenue A-Razorfish has also invested a lot of time in social media, which Terri discusses here. Today, the agency announced that they are partnering with social media technology company Pluck to develop a service called AdLife, which will let users inject homemade content and comments into mainstream digital ads.

I interviewed Terri at the Avenue A-Razorfish offices in New York.

Kelsey Blodget, Associate Producer