GroupM’s Irwin Gotlieb Predicted A Future Of Performance, Outcomes And Data Granularity

Three years ago, GroupM Global Chairman Irwin Gotlieb foresaw a future that would be “much more performance-based” and focused on outcomes as opposed to media delivery. “I believe that it will be enabled by granularity of data, census-level data. Instead of broad-scale attribution modeling it will be census-level attribution calculations,” Gotlieb said at the time. […]


Shorter Festival, More To Offer: Cannes Lion’s Managing Director Jose Papa

Is Cannes Lions still relevant? That’s the question occupying Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity managing director Jose Papa. The festival has long been a Mecca for advertising types – and, increasingly, those from other industries, too. But, last year, the Wall Street Journal reported ad agencies were cutting costs amid a downturn that was just beginning. At the […]


Apple Onboard, Cannes’ Williams Plans More ‘Rigorous’ Festival

An infamous no-show from most of the technology and marketing industries’ biggest annual gatherings, Apple looks like breaking its usual policy this year. Execs from the company will take to the stage at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity this coming June, despite typically not attending. “We’ve got Angela Ahrendts and Tor Myhren,” says […]


Audience Delivery Across Platforms Will A Big Focus Of Upfront: Omnicom Media Group’s Jonathan Steuer

While it’s clear that the ratings erosion in linear television “dam has broken,” more networks offering their audience audience targeting solutions means more walled gardens, according to Jonathan Steuer, Chief Media Officer, Omnicom Media Group. Meanwhile, during this year’s TV Upfront season, “There’s going to be a much bigger focus on delivery across all platforms,” […]


NBCUniversal Will Trim Original Primetime Programming Ad Clutter By 20% This Fall

Declaring that “less is more” when it comes to the television viewing experience, NBCUniversal says it’s cutting advertising clutter by 20% in original, primetime programming and 10% across the portfolio starting this fall. In addition, the media giant is launching a new, 60-second, contextually programmed PRIME POD in the first or last break of a […]


Many Publishers Behind The Curve On GDPR Compliance: Matt Prohaska

He once ran programmatic advertising at one of the world’s largest news publishers – so what does Matt Prohaska think about the impending final deadline for compliance with new-look global consumer data protection legislation? “Belated” and “complacent” would seem to sum up his view of many publishers’ readiness for the European Commission’s new General Data […]


IAB Reworks NewFronts To One Week In New York, Will Launch In LA: EVP Anna Bager explains

The Interactive Advertising Bureau is going bi-coastal with its Digital Content NewFronts presentation/negotiation event by trimming the original New York affair from two weeks to one and kicking off a Los Angeles version in the fourth quarter. “We decided this year to change it up a little bit because we have been getting feedback consistently […]


Investors Underprepared For GDPR: Pivotal’s Wieser

What if a switch was suddenly flipped that meant advertisers and their data partners would have to gain explicit consent from audiences to be tracked, and that allowed those targets to demand a stop to processing of their data in future? That’s what happened in Europe in 2016 – but the law that was passed […]


GDPR Could Turn Back Ad-Tech Clock By Two Years: dataxu’s Baker

The American marketing industry is under-playing the big effects of looming European data legislation, which will slow down data targeting innovation by up to two years – that’s according to one ad-tech company chief who is sounding a warning to the industry. The European Commission’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came in to effect back in […]


Advertisers Want Total Transparency: Sizmek CEO Grether

Earlier this month, Rocket Fuel’s new owner made a second splash after the acquisition, when it offered ad buyers “total transparency” in to their campaign spending. Sizmek‘s move followed a year in which transparency became advertisers’ biggest concern – and vendors rushed to profess their transparency credentials. So what exactly is the solution to transparency […]


GDPR Will Accelerate People-Based Marketing: LUMA’s Kawaja

Will new data protection legislation coming May 25 prove apocalyptic or just a bump in the road? With less than 100 days to go to the European Commission’s new General Data Protection Regulation, the US advertising sector seems split on the issue. On the one hand, expert ad-tech deal-maker LUMA Partners CEO Terence Kawaja says GDPR […]


Roku Wants To Be ‘The Operating System Of Television’: Head Of Ad Research Dan Robbins

Roku is going all in on measurement of both streaming and linear television with a suite of tools called Roku Ad Insights, which includes the ability for advertisers to quiz viewers on-screen. “Measurement is essential to moving OTT forward within the media and advertising space,” says Dan Robbins, Head of Ad Research & Insights, Roku, […]


Alphonso’s Chordia On How TV Ads Can Drive Store Purchases

Over the last few years of digital marketing evolution, two accepted wisdoms have bubbled up. First, that TV is a top-of-funnel advertising medium – good for sparking interesting, but difficult to tack consumers all the way through to purchase. Second, that digital media are supremely measurable, but that they can make little impact on the […]


Header Bidding Changes Everything: Rubicon’s Kershaw

Tom Kershaw is deadly serious about header bidding. Last year, his company felt the pain of the new technology, which allows publishers to entertain multiple simultaneous ad bids for higher yield. Rubicon conceded it had been slow to roll out – an admission that sent its stock tumbling, forcing it to make wide-ranging lay-offs and prompting it […]


News Corp’s Angelo: Simplifying Ad Chain With “News IQ”

Publishers around the world are racing to provide their advertisers with more scale, more data and targeting capabilities more like they are used to from pure-play digital platforms. News Corp just took another step in that direction by launching News IQ, a platform uniting first-party data, brand data, media properties and data science tools to […]


‘A Lot Of Demand’ For Advanced Targeting Following Sales Regroup: ABC|Disney’s Marco Forte

MIAMI – These are busy times at Disney|ABC following the consolidation of sales groups and it couldn’t come at a better time. Advertisers “want fewer, they want bigger, they want better,” says Marco Forte. With this year’s reorganization, Forte is SVP, Disney|ABC Sales & Marketing. In this interview with Beet.TV at last week’s Beet Retreat […]


Follow Ads From TV To Web: TVSquared’s O’Reilly

If you believe certain commentators, television is “dead”, it’s “dying” or the cable cord is being cut at a precipitous pace. Truth is, says Kevin O’Reilly, whilst TV is changing, the medium will remain the dominant influence channel for a good few years. That’s why O’Reilly is chief technology officer at TVSquared, a company helping […]


Balance Impact With Respect: Sublime Skinz’s Menard

In the new age of online advertising, more and more formats offer larger and longer creative deliveries to audiences. But that doesn’t mean advertisers should ram messages down users’ throats. In this video interview with Beet.TV, one ad exec offering so-called “high-impact” formats says they need to be more responsible than that. “High-impact might be […]


Teads Offers Display Ads In Place Of Video: Tourtel

MIAMI – It is best known for popularizing the “outstream” ads that allow online publishers to break out of the need to have video content against which to place video ads. But now Teads wants to break out of another box – its own. Whilst the ad-tech vendor famously allowed publishers to place video ads between […]


Post Merger, Tivo Readies Robust TV Analytics Offering

When TV metadata company Rovi acquired set-top box software outfit TiVo for $1.1bn last year, it may have seemed like the smaller, younger whipper-snapper buying up the experienced, legacy players. But now the pair have been rolling together their data and products in to a suite greater than the sum of their parts – and […]

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