Adobe Launches Collaborative Workflow Platform for Video Production

AMSTERDAM – Adobe has a new collaborative video editing platform which it announced at the IBC show in Amsterdam.  The platform, called Adobe Anywhere, enables teams to work together on Premiere, After Effects, and Prelude projects from virtually anywhere with a network connection.


“Virtual Cable Operator” Zattoo Gains 10 Million Users in Europe

AMSTERDAM — The live Web TV service Zattoo has amassed nearly 10 million users in Europe for its over-the-top type of TV service. At the recent IBC Show in Amsterdam, Beet.TV talked to Stefan Lietsch, Head of Engineering, at Zattoo, for insight into how the service works.


mDialog Announces Addressable Video Ad Plaform for Connected Devices

AMSTERDAM — Digital video as services company mDialog launched new tools to let brands and media companies roll out targeted ads on digital devices like mobile phones starting next month, says mDialog’s Greg Philpott, Founder and CEO, during an interview with Beet.TV at the IBC Show in Amsterdam.


Digitalsmiths Teams with Fox Sports for Mobile, Digital Video Discovery

AMSTERDAM — Digitalsmiths inked a deal with Fox Sports that calls for the media company to use Digitalsmith’s technology tools to help improve video discovery on mobile devices and other advanced platforms, says Ben Weinberger, CEO of Digitalsmiths, during an interview with Beet.TV at the IBC Show in Amsterdam.


Rovi Rolls Out More Support for DivX Streaming, Online Storefronts

AMSTERDAM —  Digital entertainment technology company Rovi added more support for DivX streaming for IPTV platforms, says Paul Stathacopoulos, Senior VP of Strategy at Rovi during an interview with Beet.TV at the IBC Show in Amsterdam.


Adobe’s Ashley Still on Video Platform Transformation: Dash, Flash, HTML, AIR and “PhoneGap”

AMSTERDAM — Adobe is fully behind MPEG Dash as an emerging standard for live streaming, sees continued dominance of Flash on the desktop, is committed to HTML and sees AIR and PhoneGap as solutions for mobile distribution, says Ashley Still, Director of Video, in this wide-ranging conversation about the changing platforms for video content distribution.  


Elemental Debuts H.265, “Next Generation” Video Compression Standard

AMSTERDAM – Elemental, the Portland, Oregon-based video compression hardware and cloud provider, presented its video compression solution for H.265 at the IBC conference. According to Keith Wymbs, VP, the “next generation” video standard has shown reduction of bitrate of 40 percent, while retaining the quality of H.264, the current standard.


Aspera Announces Integration of File Transfer Platform with Microsoft’s Azure

AMSTERDAM – Aspera, the fast-growing provider of file transfer server technology for a number of large media companies including Netflix, announced its integration with Microsoft’s Azure cloud-based media services.


Adobe Claims “Industry Leadership” in Video Editing with 2.5 Million Users

AMSTERDAM – With 2.5 million users, or “seats,” for its Premiere Pro editing software package, Adobe has become the “industry leader,” says Bill Roberts, Director of Video Product Management, in this interview with Beet.TV


Brightcove’s Zencoder, Providing Streamlined Transcoding in the “Cloud”

AMSTERDAM – Zencoder, the San Francisco-based software company recently acquired by Brightcove, sees demand for various streaming formats to be created, or transcoded, instantly in the "cloud."  


Multiscreen Viewing Proved Out for Olympics on BBC, Adobe’s Allison

AMSTERDAM — While the Olympics is a big screen event, the BBC learned that multiscreen viewing played a vital role for viewers not only in recapping the Games but also in the primary consumption, says Steve Allison, Senior Technology Evangelist at Adobe, which handled Olympics streaming for the BBC.


Akamai Has New Video Diagnostic Tools to Analytics Offering

AMSTERDAM — Akamai is gearing up to roll out a new suite of analytics in the next few weeks to help media companies analyze video viewing behavior in greater depth.


Zeebox Launches in the U.S. with Comcast (updated post)

AMSTERDAM, Zeebox, the second screen TV app which has become quite popular in the U.K. since its launch last year, will launch in the U.S. this month, says CTO Anthony Rose in this video interview with Beet.TV conducted Friday at the IBC conference.


Videoplaza Ready to Serve Video Ads without Cookies

AMSTERDAM – Videoplaza, the Stockholm-based video ad serving platform, is prepared to serve ads without using cookies, says Alfred Ruth, CTO in this inteview with Beet.TV


MPEG Dash is in Live Tests on Google Chrome

AMSTERDAM – The emergence of MPEG Dash as a standard for streaming Internet video has reached a milestone of sorts as it is being tested by Google on Chrome in a limited program initiated earlier this month, says Will Law, Principal Architect, Media Cloud Engineering, Akamai, in this video interview at the IBC conference.


Akamai Expands Video Services Offering with “Sola”

AMSTERDAM – Akamai, the giant U.S.-based content delivery network, has substantially expanded its  video offering with the introduction this week of the new  Sola Media Solution platform.


Brightcove Ups Digital Rights Offering with Google’s Widevine

AMSTERDAM — As media companies deliver more programming to digital devices, they’re looking for ways to protect the content, grow ad revenues, and place bets on which platforms are the best fit, says Jeff Whatcott, Brightcove’s Chief Marketing Officer, during an interview with Beet.TV at the IBC Show.


Brightcove Debuts On-Demand Playback Tools via Zencoder

AMSTERDAM — Following its acquisition of encoding company Zencoder earlier this summer, online video technology company Brightcove rolled out a slate of new features for faster live and on-demand video playback and publishing, says Jeff Whatcott, Brightcove's Chief Marketing Officer, in an interview with Beet.TV at the IBC Show.

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