AMSTERDAM, Zeebox, the second screen TV app which has become quite popular in the U.K. since its launch last year, will launch in the U.S. this month, says  CTO Anthony Rose in this video interview with Beet.TV conducted Friday at the IBC conference.

Sources tell Beet.TV, and it has been reported, that the the big partner/investor is likely to be cable giant Comcast. Rose declined to identify the U.S partner.  (Update: The service launched in the U.S. late on Sept 26.)

In the inteview, Rose explains the value of Zeebox to cable and satellite operators as both a program guide and advertising platform.  Zeebox is currently being used by Sky in the U.K, which is an investor in the start-up.

Rose was formerly the CTO of the BBC where he was widely credited with the succcess of the iPlayer.  Wired profiled him as the “man who saved the BBC.”


Andy Plesser