AMSTERDAM —  Digitalsmiths inked a deal with Fox Sports that calls for the media company to use Digitalsmith’s technology tools to help improve video discovery on mobile devices and other advanced platforms, says Ben Weinberger, CEO of Digitalsmiths, during an interview with Beet.TV at the IBC Show in Amsterdam.

Weinberger says Fox will use the “Seamless Discovery” tool to enable personalized video and content recommendations across multiple screens. Digitalsmiths also struck a partnership with Sony-owned music and video metadata firm Gracenote to provide integrated search, recommendations and browsing to smart TV and connected TV makers.

Digitalsmiths has developed one of the largest databases of TV and movie data, Weinberger tells us. “Metadata is the fuel that powers a deep, meaningful, personalized video discovery experience,” Weinberger says, adding that he expects TV listings in time to move away from grids to a personalized interface.

Daisy Whitney