ConnecTV Unveils Second Screen Ad Network At CES

LAS VEGAS — ConnecTV, a social network for TV fans, and marketing promotions and tune-in market for everything TV, has unveiled their own second screen ad network, ConnecTV Ad Sync.  The network will deliver ads to second screen devices that compliment television content or ads, in real time.


Rovi’s Thomas Kramer On Adoption Of The New HEVC Compression System

LAS VEGAS — At CES in Las Vegas, Rovi unveiled its plans for the adoption of the new HEVC compression system.  HEVC is the successor to H.264 and will significantly reduce bandwidth and storage costs.  We had the opportunity to find out more about HEVC from Thomas Kramer, Rovi’s VP Product Management at CES.


Rovi’s UltraViolet Initiative Brings Content To Consumers On Any Device At Any Time

LAS VEGAS — One of the biggest challenges that studios are facing today is the challenge of margin—whereas once consumers were purchasing movies on DVD and Blue Ray, today there is a trend towards renting and streaming content.  We spoke with Rovi’s VP of Entertainment, Gerald Hensley, at CES in Las Vegas to learn more […]


CES Dispatch: Eliminate Friction, Focus on Consumer Experience of Devices

LAS VEGAS — As brands create new content for digital devices, the key to success is to stay focused on human behavior, says Mark Pavia, Executive VP and Digital Managing Director at Starcom USA, in an interview with Beet.TV’s Ashley Swartz at the just-wrapped Consumer Electronics Show.


CES Dispatch: Millenials Crave Simplicity in Technology, SMG Exec Says

LAS VEGAS — Keep it simple, CE makers, says Scott Hess, Senior VP of Human Intelligence at SMG's Spark Communications, in an interview with Beet.TV's Ashley Swartz at the just-wrapped Consumer Electronics Show. He tracks the millenial generation and said they have grown up with technology and they expect it to be simple and intuitive.


Advertisers Look to Emerging Markets for Tech Trends, SMG Says

LAS VEGAS — Emerging markets such as Southeast Asia and India are becoming the incubators for new technology, says Matt Blackborn, President of Emerging Markets of Starcom MediaVest Group in an interview with Beet.TV’s Ashley Swartz at the just-wrapped Consumer Electronics Show.


Rovi Insights Delve Into The Next Stage Of TV Everywhere

LAS VEGAS — This year at CES, digital entertainment technology company Rovi released the first edition of Rovi Insights, an ongoing report series on the state of digital entertainment and TV Everywhere.  We had the opportunity to find out more about Rovi Insights, as well as Rovi’s approach to the future of TV Everywhere, from […]


CES Dispatch: SMG’s UK CEO on Content Strategies Across Devices

LAS VEGAS — The proliferation of devices puts more pressure on advertisers to make sure the content is not just technically optimized for the right screen, but also contextually relevant, says Stewart Easterbrook, CEO of Starcom MediaVest Group in the United Kingdom in an interview with Beet.TV's Ashley Swartz at the just-wrapped Consumer Electronics Show.


The Car is the New Media Room: GroupM’s Rob Norman Sees Big Future for Brands on Wheels

LAS VEGAS – The auto is emerging a a new sort of media environment, where driving under 30 miles per hour, a prototype Audi allows drivers to travel via autopilot to check Gmail and the Web, where new navigation systems allows brand integrations, says Rob Norman, Global Chief Digital Officer of GroupM, the giant media […]


Internet-Connected TV’s Come of Age at CES and Advertisers Take Note

LAS VEGAS –  With some 24 million American homes with Internet-connected TV’s an ten million more by the end of this year, the new medium is getting the attention of advertisers at CES, says Christie Hartbarger, VP for Strategic Alliances at YuMe, the video advertising technology solution provider, in this interview with Beet.TV


ACR Platform Civolution Partners With DG To Monetize Second Screen Apps

LAS VEGAS — As demand for and usage of second screen apps grows, a shift towards the monetization of these apps can be seen.  To this end, Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) platform Civolution has partnered with ad management and distribution platform DG.  We had the opportunity to speak with Civolution CEO Alex Terpstra at the […]


MeFeedia Founder Frank Sinton Touts Company’s App Building Efforts

LAS VEGAS  – Frank Sinton, founder of the video discovery site Mefeedia, which launched way back in 2004, has been expanding the efforts of his Beachfront Media unit to build video apps for a range of customers.


Mobility Will Have the Greatest Impact for Marketers, SMG’s Sheehy

LAS VEGAS — Mobility will be the most impactful medium for marketers over the next couple of years Says John Sheehy, President of Global Operations for Stacom MediaVest Group, in this inteview with Beet.TV’s Ashley Swartz.


Comcast Media Strategist Kavita Vazirani: “Archaic” Audience Measurement has to Change

LAS VEGAS – As video consumption expands beyond television, audience measurement must change, says Kavita Vazirani, VP for Media Strategy for Comcast in this conversation with Beet.TV’s Ashley Swartz.


KIT Digital Turns Video Ads Into Retail Experience With Ad Locker

LAS VEGAS — As second screen technology continues to evolve, consumer desire for the second screen experience is on the rise and video software and services company KIT Digital is at the forefront of this evolution.  At the 2nd Screen Summit at CES we had the opportunity to talk with KIT Digital’s Global Lead Analyst, […]


CES Buzz: New Marketing Mantra is “Experience,” MediaVest’s CEO Terkelsen

LAS VEGAS – With the proliferation of media consumption from mobile to devices to home appliances, the new marketing mantra is not engagement but “experience” says Brian Terkelsen, CEO of MediaVest USA, in this interview with Beet.TV


Hannah Hart Raises $150,000 On Indiegogo To Take YouTube Show On The Road

LAS VEGAS — Hanna Hart aka Harto on YouTube has raised over $150,000 on Indiegogo to take her YouTube show "My Drunk Kitchen" on the road.  We spoke with her about the campaign and what she has in store for the tour at the IAWTV Awards at CES.


‘Husbands’ Web Series Creators Talk Shop At The IAWTV Awards

LAS VEGAS — ‘Husbands’ is a popular made-for-web sitcom created by Jane Espenson and Brad Bell and directed by Jeff Greenstein.  The show is unique in that it is created and produced by television industry veterans and at the IAWTV Awards at CES we had the opportunity to glean some insight on how producing for […]


CES Dispatch: Ashley Swartz Key Takeaways from Consumer Electronics Show 2013

LAS VEGAS — Advertising executives aren't that impressed with the showroom floor at the Consumer Electronics Show this year, says Beet.TV's Ashley Swartz in her wrap-up report from CES. "CES isn't wowing us with innovation this year," she says, adding that the real work is happening behind closed doors, rather than in the booths.


RAMP Intros Real-Time, Metadata Tools for Live Video

LAS VEGAS — Broadcasters are keenly interested in metadata and video solutions that connect to their live programming, says Tom Wilde, CEO of RAMP in an interview at the Consumer Electronics Show.

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