LAS VEGAS — Emerging markets such as Southeast Asia and India are becoming the incubators for new technology, says Matt Blackborn, President of Emerging Markets of Starcom MediaVest Group in an interview with Beet.TV’s Ashley Swartz at the just-wrapped Consumer Electronics Show.

“Emerging markets are leapfrogging mature markets and the technology here at CES is much more likely to get adopted in emerging markets first,” he tells us. Specifically, he believes the role of the tablet will be largely defined by how they’re bought and used in emerging markets, especially as prices come down. Already, emerging markets are driving smartphone adoption in many cases, he says. As an example, he expects the vast majority of the population in India will connect to the Web via mobile technology. For more insight into the role of CES and new technology for emerging markets, check out this video interview.

-Daisy Whitney

Editor’s Note:  This segment has been produced as part of a series of coverage of CES sponsored by SMG, Starcom MediaVest Group