Canada’s Rogers Media Expands Digital Video Offering

BOSTON – Using video content to supplement material of traditionally non-digital media, such as magazines, is increasing viewership, says Rob Adams, executive producer of multi-platform video for Canada-based Rogers Media. “There’s so many opportunities right now for traditional, non-television brands in the world of media to use video and to put it into their offerings,” Adams says. […]


Bollywood Streaming Worldwide via “Spuul”

BOSTON – Spuul, a Singapore-based Netflix-like movie streaming service, is aiming to build the largest legal platform for Indian film and television content, says Michael Smith, Jr., chief product officer for Spuul. Spuul targets two audiences – people who live in India and people outside of India who love Bollywood, particularly those who have emigrated […]


Health Care Act to Drive Video Creation Around New Choices and Regulations

BOSTON – Sutter Health, a giant not-for-profit, Northern California-based network of doctors and hospitals, is using video  to communicate with the members and prospects about a range of health related topics from coverage to medical care and wellness.   With the Affordable  Care Act becoming law next year, Sutter and other healthcare providers are upping […] Uses Video to Unite Job Seekers and Companies uses video content as a tool to unite job seekers with hiring companies. Having recently begun offering video content on their mobile platform, the Chicago-based site has almost doubled their video views, says Patrick Moye, director of design, video and branding for, the largest online employment website in the United States, produces videos for their clients and recommends that […] Planning Live Streaming with New Brightcove Solution

BOSTON – With the launch of Brightcove Video Cloud Live, Chicago-based automotive classified site is looking to bring live video feeds to the forefront of their site in the next year, says Eric Rossi, senior producer of multimedia for Currently, produces around three to seven videos each week and amps up production during auto […]


Wellness Video Producer Finds Bliss with Paid Model

BOSTON —  Gaiam TV,  an online video wellness producer , has is finding success using a paid subscription model. Subscribers are paying  due to the variety of highly-produced, long-form content available, says Michal Lebowitsch, product manager at Gaiam TV. After a 10-day free trial, Lebowitsch says most users convert to the subscription service. Gaiam TV offers unlimited […]


Video Search at a Crossroads with Increased Adoption of ‘Schema’

BOSTON – Effective video search has been limited, largely because search engines don’t index images. But things are changing with the implementation of Schema, a technology which allows video producers to “wrap” a transcript as an “object” into a video. The Schema initiative is an industry collaboration of Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Yandex.  It was […]


mDialog Has Dynamic Ad Insertion for Live, Linear Programming

BOSTON – mDialog, the Toront0-based video advertising technology company, has a new product to insert video advertising dynamically into live programming.  The product, launched in collaboration with Brightcove, was announced last month at NAB. Last week at the Brightcove global customer event, we spoke with CEO Greg Philpott about the live streaming solution and an overall […]


Video Recommendation Engine Taboola Goes Mobile with Hearst,

BOSTON – Taboola, the video recommendation platform widely deployed on many publisher news sites, is now on mobile devices, on the apps of and several Hearst U.K. publications, says Adam Singolda, CEO, in this interview with Beet.TV We spoke with him about the growth of Taboola and the company’s solution for mobile video recommendation. The […]


‘Joyus,’ Video-Centric Women’s Shopping Site Finds High Views-to-Sales Conversions

BOSTON – Joyus, the San Francisco-based video shopping site for women, which raised $11.5 million in a new venture round earlier this month from Time Warner and others, is finding extremely high conversion rates from video views to product sales, says co-founder Diana Williams in this interview with Beet.TV She says that the product videos […]


The Smithsonian Channel Finds an Audience on the Roku

BOSTON – Launched on Roku in October, the Smithsonian Channel is ranked among the most popular apps, attracting 2 million video views a month, says Carlos Zambrano, senior producer at Smithsonian Networks, in this this interview with Beet.TV Also in this this interview, he talks about the channel’s popularity as an Apple iOS app. We […]


Brightcove CEO Sees Expanding Opportunities with Xbox

BOSTON – While the Xbox grows as a pervasive digital video platform, the number of video apps is quite limited, controlled by Microsoft, but that will likely expand says Brightcove CEO David Mendels.  He says that Brightcove is readying several implementations for the game console. We spoke with him earlier this week at the Brightcove […]


Akamai Has Diagnostic Tool for Individual Viewer Performance

BOSTON – Akamai has expanded its analytics offering to include new functionality to track the individual viewer experience and consumption history, explains Noreen Hafez, senior product marketing manager, in this interview with Beet.TV.  We spoke with her at the Brightcove PLAY customer conference earlier this week. She explains the value of the new offering to […]


Brightcove’s Allaire: The Big Impact of New W3C DRM Standards for Premium Publishers

BOSTON – Thanks to the newly issued standards on DRM for HTM5 video, issued by the W3C on Friday, the digital video industry is finally headed to an industry standard that will lower costs for producers of premium video producers who have been reliant on proprietary solutions from Adobe, Microsoft, Google and others, says Jeremy […]


The Weather Company Launches Twitter Video Program for Home Depot

BOSTON –  The Weather Company has launched the first Twitter video program for an advertiser,  the Home Depot, says Mike Finnerty, VP, Web Products, in this interview with Beet.TV.  The program with Twitter, which drives views of “how to videos,” was announced last month at the Weather Company’s NewFront event.  The Twitter effort went live […]


Brightcove Announces Live Streaming Platform

BOSTON – Brightcove, the big video services company, announced today a full-blown, live streaming platform.  The company allows the live file to be uploaded to the cloud and and then encoded into as many as 20 live renditions, says founder and executive chairman Jeremy Allaire in this interview with Beet.TV We spoke with him at […]