AOL’s Gabriel on the Importance of Being “Full-Stack”

VIEQUES, PR — Advertising technology firms are fond of flexing their “stack” – each boasts the varied strata of their connectable platform pieces. But what does “full-stack” even mean? To AOL video sales VP Charles Gabriel, that’s quite clear. It’s about creation, curation, programming, distribution across all screens and platforms, Gabriel says. “It’s not just distributing in digital to all […]


Innovid Sees 4X Lift for Interactive Video Ads, Inks Deal with VivaKi

VIEQUES, PR – Innovid, a digital video services company that provides interactivity to in-stream ads across multiple platforms, sees a 4X “lift” in impact with ads that have interactive elements, vs. static ads, says Tal Chalozin, CTO and co-founder in this interview with Beet.TV In the interview, he talks about the company’s integration with various […]


Content Recommendation Engine Taboola Has Big Increase in Mobile

VIEQUES, PR – Taboola, the fast-growing content recommendation engine, which displays some three billion suggested thumbnails on Websites and mobile apps on a daily basis, is finding that 20 percent of its traffic is coming from mobile devices, says CEO Adam Singolda, in this interview with Beet.TV Taboola, which had started as a content discovery […]


comScore’s Fulgoni: We Have Eighty Percent Global Share with vCE

VIEQUES, PR – comScore co-founder and executive chairman Gian Fulgoni says the the company’s validated campaign essentials product, or vCE, which tracks digital ad effectiveness in realtime, has more than eighty percent of world’s marketshare. He says it is deployed in forty three countries. On the topic of viewability of digital ads, he says […]


Beet Commentary by Ashley Swartz: Content Must is “Fluid”

VIEQUES, PR — In a fast-changing, multi-screen world, content and consumers are leading, rather than marketers, says Ashley Swartz, CEO and Founder of Furious Minds, in a state-of-the-nation video report from the Beet.TV Executive Retreat. “There is a fluidity of content. We are chasing, we are not leading. Audience behavior is changing faster than we […]


Digitas is Moving to “Mobile First” Approach to Media Planning

VIEQUES, PR – As mobile devices have become the first and most frequently used personal digital device, media decisioning needs to move to a “mobile first” strategy, explains Adam Shlachter, Head of Media Activation for Digitas in North America, in this interview with Beet.TV He also speaks about the opportunities content marketing for brands and […]


Starcom’s Mobility Director: Interactivity is Essential to Mobile Advertising

VIEQUES, PR – Mobile advertising is showing great promise with interactive, cross-platform projects in projects such as P&G’s “Proud Sponsor of Moms” around the Sochi Olympics, explain Erin Kienast, SVP, Director of Mobility at Starcom Worldwide, in this interview with Beet.TV. She says without interactivity, which allow users to participate in content creation via video […]


TouchCast’s Schonfeld: Users Don’t Want Lean-Back Video

VIEQUES, PR — Once, the web was just a textual medium. Now, video volume is multiplying to occupy faster and fatter pipes. But, still, lean-forward video consumption like that pioneered by music videos from Arcade Fire are a rarity. ‘What hasn’t really happened yet is a revolution in creation – everything we see is still […]


LiveRail Aims To Double Revenue With Multi-Platform, Overseas Growth

VIEQUES, PR — LiveRail has become one of the leading vendors in the collision of programmatic advertising and video. Now CEO Mark Trefgarne says he wants to go on growing in the year ahead. “We tripled the revenue last year, we expect to double the revenue again this year,” he tells Beet.TV. “We’re expecting to see […]


Dailymotion to Power Programmatic Advertising with “First Party Data”

VIEQUES, PR – Dailymotion, the big global video destination site, is expanding its programmatic operations in 2014 with the utilization of deep, first party data, explains Roland Hamilton, Managing Director in the U.S. of the Paris-based company, in this interview with Beet.TV We interviewed him at the Beet.TV Executive Retreat where he was a speaker. […]


Forrester Study: Advertisers Want Convergence Measurement

VIEQUES, PR — About two-thirds of agencies and advertisers are betting that digital video and TV planning will merge in the next few years, says Brent Gaskamp, SVP Development at Videology, in an interview about a new industry report. Videology commissioned a report from research firm Forrester that surveyed 150 advertisers, media companies and agencies in the […]


SpotXchange’s Progress: Now Serving 2.5bn Ads Per Month

VIEQUES, PR — Everyone associated with programmatic trading of video advertising seems to have had a 2013 that was full of growth. Denver-headquartered SpotXchange is no exception, releasing platform and revenue metrics today. Speaking with Beet.TV, SpotXchange’s platform VP Sean Buckley says the Q3 addition of a “full-blown” ad-server to the vendor’s product offering has […]


VideoHub’s Programmatic Buying Platform Built on “Analytics Lens”

VIEQUES, PR — Time was, ad spots were bought against content consumed by specific audience demographics. Many buyers still buy this way, even with programmatic automation. But VideoHub‘s Anthony Risicato says deeper data can trump demographics. “The historical research tells us that specific groups of men or women will be interested or not interested in […]


Rob Norman on Programmatic Online Video: More Inventory Needed

VIEQUES, PR — The massive reach of YouTube has drawn in a new range of advertisers to sight, sound and motion for the first time due in part to the site’s audience composition, says Rob Norman, Chief Global Digital Officer, GroupM Worldwide, during a deep-dive interview about online video at the Beet.TV Executive Retreat. The YouTube […]


Google Continues to Expand Programmatic Offering

VIEQUES, PR – A big focus of Google’s programmatic operations in 2014 will be on agencies and brands via the “buy-side” of its programmatic operations, explains Jay VanDerzee, Head of Sales, Media Platforms, Google, in this interview with Beet.TV. As part of its efforts on the buy-side, the company is building alliances with outside data […]


Programmatic Media Buying at Magna Global Rising Fast

VIQUES, PR — IPG’s Magna Global media agency has tried to aggressively embrace automated platforms for the online ads it trades in. And things are moving faster than it expected. “We had a goal set for 2013 of putting 5% of our total spend through programmatic,” says Kristi Argyilan, the group’s north America president. “We exceeded that […]


New York Times Plans Branded Content In Video

VIEQUES, PR — The New York Times’ recent website redesign introduced sponsored articles from brands like Dell. Next up, the paper plans to let marketers reach viewers of its video content. “A brand could sponsor one of our bigger editorial offerings – Dealbook or Bits, 36 Hours, Corner Office,” says NYT video GM Rebecca Howard. “Those […]


WaPo Wants To Spread Its Video Around The Web

VIEQUE, PR — Last summer, the Washington Post newspaper launched its news video brand PostTV. Since then, the publisher has spread it across other places including Roku, Ouya and Chromecast. This opening up of video is key to WaPo senior video editor Andrew Pergam. “We know a lot of people want to see video in context- […]


GroupM’s Rob Norman: For Content Marketing, Context Is King

VIEQUES, PR — Everyone’s talking about “content marketing”, “native advertising” or “branded content” – the hybridization of editorial and marketing materials in to a single content type of mutual benefit to publishers and brands. That’s forcing the ad agencies to offer their services in these spaces. But, for agencies as used to the traditional church-and-state […]


Look Who’s on Vieques for the Annual #BeetRetreat, presented by Videology with AOL On

The third annual Beet.TV Executive Retreat is January 24-25 at the W Retreat & Spa on the Caribbean island of Vieques. Over the course of next two days of panels and presentations, this group of industry leaders will explore the emerging medium of digital video. Topics will include ad effectiveness and measurement; the emerging platforms and […]

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