VIEQUES, PR — The New York Times’ recent website redesign introduced sponsored articles from brands like Dell. Next up, the paper plans to let marketers reach viewers of its video content.

“A brand could sponsor one of our bigger editorial offerings – Dealbook or Bits, 36 Hours, Corner Office,” says NYT video GM Rebecca Howard. “Those are bigger experiences that could have a video and a text component that could be brought to you by a single advertiser.

“One exciting thing that we’re launching at the end of April with the redesign of our video hub is going to be a branded playlist that can be populated by an advertiser’s content. Let’s say it’s a KitchenAid – we could put that on our food section, we can make content for them. It would be mixed in with everything else that we offer.”

But, Howard says, paid video marketing would be clearly signposted from editorial: “Just as that Dell piece of content was very well highlighted that it’s a piece of advertorial content, we would be doing the same thing for video.”

Howard was speaking with Beet.TV at the Beet Retreat executive retreat in Vieques, Puerto Rico.