VIEQUES, PR – comScore co-founder and executive chairman Gian Fulgoni says the the company’s validated campaign essentials product, or vCE, which tracks digital ad effectiveness in realtime, has more than eighty percent of world’s marketshare.   He says  it is deployed in forty three countries.

On the topic of viewability of digital ads, he says that just 46 percent are seen by Web visitors.  He says most unseen ads are below the fold or don’t load in time to be viewed.   Some a views are not all real, created by bots.   (This does not include video ads.)  Here is a new report from the IAB on the pervasiveness of click fraud which puts the loss to marketers at $11 billion.

We spoke with him at the Beet.TV executive retreat where he was a participant.

More on vCE, Nielsen’s OCR and efforts by Google in this story by Joe Mandese in MediaPost.