VIEQUES, PR — Time was, ad spots were bought against content consumed by specific audience demographics. Many buyers still buy this way, even with programmatic automation. But VideoHub‘s Anthony Risicato says deeper data can trump demographics.

“The historical research tells us that specific groups of men or women will be interested or not interested in that advertising,” says the video analytics firm’s GM. “But, when you look at it through an analytics lens, that often gets up-ended.

“For me, the right thing to do is look at the data and then optimize your campaign based on the analytics data – not on the preconceived notions of the buy.”

VideoHub in September announced VideoHub Connect, a tool to optimize video ad buys using programmatic methods. Now it has gone live with some private beta clients. “We’re focused on tying programmatic to the analytics piece,” Risicato says.

VideoHub is a unit of Tremor Video.

Risicato spoke at Beet.TV’s executive retreat in Vieques, Puerto Rico.