VIEQUE, PR — Last summer, the Washington Post newspaper launched its news video brand PostTV. Since then, the publisher has spread it across other places including Roku, Ouya and Chromecast.

This opening up of video is key to WaPo senior video editor Andrew Pergam. “We know a lot of people want to see video in context- when they see an article page, they click on it,” he tells Beet.TV.

“What’s really important to me, though, is that we are producing videos compelling enough that people want to share them.

“What I’d really like to do is increase our social aspect, so that people  are seeing a video you posted on your Facebook page and watch it right there; they don’t need to watch it on our site. That’s what’s going to grow this in to a much larger business for all publishers.”

Pergam was a speaker at the Beet Retreat executive retreat in Vieques, Puerto Rico