VIEQUES, PR – Some of the hottest areas of digital video are exchanges, real-time buying and programmatic buying, but there's some confusion as to the differences. At the Beet.TV executive retreat, Joanna O'Connell, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research digs into those areas with executives from Xaxis, Videology and SpotxChange.

Programmatic buying is the umbrella term for buying and selling media in a data-enabled way, exchanges are the mechanism by which bidders access the supply, and real-time bidding is the "buying modality" of buying at an impressions level, says Tom McMahon, President of Videology.

"When you break down real-time bidding, the 'b' in RTB is bidding and the the idea of paying on an impression-by-impression basis a different amount based on who the viewer is versus the real-time decision that happens with programmatic," says Christina Beaumier, VP of Global Client Development at Xaxis.

For more insight from Xaxis, SpotXchange and Videology on inventory, pricing and how real-time bidding is impacting the market, check out this video.

Daisy Whitney