The connected TV opportunity for brands keeps surging, in large part because consumption keeps growing exponentially. Those two trends should continue – assuming people can find the content they want to watch.

Right now, that’s easier said than done-and may be getting tougher.

“Inventory is always going to be a challenge,” Serge Matta, President at LG Ads Solutions told Beet.TV at the 2023 NewFronts. “You need really compelling content. The other challenge is making sure it’s easy for consumers to find content. No one is there yet. Whoever cracks that is going to be a very successful player.”

LG is making strides on that front. In the meantime, the company is betting on the fact that it controls its own operating system as a differentiator. That’s because LG has access to ad space, ACR data and distribution, which should make it easier to cater to brands’ various needs.”Owning all the pieces makes the workflow so much easier.”

Matta told Beet that it is sharing some of those pieces with brands via a new partnership with Dentsu announced at the IAB event. The global deal will give Denstu clients preferred access to ACR data for optimization and and planning metrics, he explained. Also in the works is a new partnership with Snowflake, which will help brands utilize their own first party data with LG Ads.