LG Ad Solutions Taps Affinity Solutions To Connect TV Viewing To Credit Card Purchases

Manufacturers of the devices we use to watch content have an upper hand when it comes to measuring consumption. Increasingly, they are partnering with organizations who can measure the consequential impact of the ads seen on those screens. “More and more, our clients are asking for outcome-based approaches,” says Serge Matta, Global Chief Commercial Officer, […]


LG Ads Marlow: The TV OS is the New TV Homepage

In many ways, who ever ends up controlling the operating system for connected TV would seem to have a shot at all the TV ad spoils, or at least serve as a gatekeeper for TV ad budgets. But Tony Marlow, CMO of LG Ads, sees things a bit differently. Owning the OS may be closer […]


LG’s Matta: Discovery is CTV’s Biggest Challenge

The connected TV opportunity for brands keeps surging, in large part because consumption keeps growing exponentially. Those two trends should continue – assuming people can find the content they want to watch. Right now, that’s easier said than done-and may be getting tougher. “Inventory is always going to be a challenge,” Serge Matta, President at […]


LG Rides ‘Rocket Ship’ As Post-Pandemic Ads Come To CTV

If advertiser spend is bouncing back, Serge Matta wants to catch it. The former Comscore CEO joined LG Ads, the electronics manufacturer’s advanced TV advertising division, this summer, with optimism growing about coronavirus easing. Now Matta says the power of connected TV advertising is beckoning pharmaceutical, political and other advertisers to look hard at the […]