IAB & MRC Retail Media Guidelines Aim To Advance Shoppable Ads: IAB’s Bustos

MARCO ISLAND, FL — With the proliferation of first-party data, retailers are no longer mere sellers; they’ve transformed into full-fledged media companies, wielding personalized messaging and closed-loop measurement to capture both online and in-store insights. This significant shift has brands and smaller retail platforms alike rethinking strategies to maintain relevance and drive consumer engagement. In this […]


IAB Study Uncovers New Need To Articulate The Role of Ads In The Open Internet

MARCO ISLAND, FL — After a few years in which the rise of ad blockers and subscription content reframed advertising as intrusive, the digital ad industry’s umbrella body is coming out batting for the ad-supported internet. The IAB just released The Free and Open Ad-Supported Internet: Consumers, Content, and Assessing the Data Value Exchange, a […]


IAB’s Tiffith Warns Against Overregulation in Digital Advertising

MARCO ISLAND, FL — As the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) revisits its rules on auto-renewals and subscriptions, the digital media industry braces for potential impacts that could reverberate through consumer experiences and business models. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Lartease Tiffith, EVP of Public Policy at the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), raises concerns about […]


IAB ALM 2024 Packs More CMOs, Key Trends & A New Chair

LAS VEGAS — As 2024 hots up following a long winter, many media and advertising executives will be gathering in Florida for the IAB’s Annual Leadership Meeting (ALM), running January 28 to 30. David Cohen, CEO, IAB, says: “The goal of ALM is to set the agenda for the industry for the coming year.” A […]


Brands Need To Play & Measure In Immersive Environments: IAB’s Soon

SALISBURY, CT — We have had interactive media as long as we have had Nintendo Entertainment Systems, or choose-your-own-adventure books. But three things are different in 2023: The scale of usage. The extent to which younger people live engage in purely interactive environments. The extent to which interactive media are now also advertising media. In […]


Teads’ Brown: Attention Can be a Proxy for Outcomes – But the Industry Needs to Get Prepared

Teads is leaning into measuring attention – for one simple reason – it drives results brands care about. While there has been a great deal of interest in tracking attention in the ad world,  much of it has been focused on finding better ways to evaluate creative or media outlets. But through its research, Teads […]


LG’s Matta: Discovery is CTV’s Biggest Challenge

The connected TV opportunity for brands keeps surging, in large part because consumption keeps growing exponentially. Those two trends should continue – assuming people can find the content they want to watch. Right now, that’s easier said than done-and may be getting tougher. “Inventory is always going to be a challenge,” Serge Matta, President at […]


IAB’s John: The CTV Inflection Point is Here

Just in time for the 2023 NewFronts, the IAB released new research on the growth of video ad spend universe. Perhaps not surprisingly, connected TV spending is booming. So much so that it’s quickly becoming on par with traditional TV, Eric John, Vice President, Media Center, IAB told Beet.TV. “CTV is an incredibly high focused […]


NewFronts’ New Tricks: Democratized Access & Big Business

It is now 15 years since digital media publishers have had their own version of TV’s upfronts sales season – so how is IAB’s NewFronts changing? In the middle of last week’s 2023 NewFronts, where more than 40 events showcased offerings from even more sellers, IAB CEO David Cohen sat down with Beet.TV to take […]


Why Brands Should Look Beyond In-Game Advertising to Reach Gamers

Dario Raciti has been working on bringing more brands to video games for over a decade. He’s finally given up. Ok, not really. But Raciti, Managing Director of OMG’s Zero Code, said more recently that he’s been trying to steer more clients toward the massive viewership emanating from people watching other people playing games –  […]


Disclosure Contracts Can Avoid Influencer Crackdown Brand Blowback: IAB’s Tiffith

MARCO ISLAND, FL — In a season when “influencers” are facing a backlash and a crackdown, the digital advertising trade body has urged the industry to clean up and be transparent. TikTok’s “de-influencing” trend, in which users encourage others not to buy certain products, has gone mainstream, while some are now poking fun at influencers. After the […]


Data Clean Rooms Take Significant Investment, But Offer Huge Potential: IAB’s Pam Zucker

The hottest new tech tool designed to enliven digital advertising while staying within privacy rails requires a big cost – but can come with a big up-side. That is according to a leader from the digital ad industry’s umbrella body, which just commissioned a big survey on the topic. In this video interview with Beet.TV, […]


IAB’s Cohen Urges ‘Hypocritical’ Apple To Join The Organization

MARCO ISLAND, FL — After taking a swipe at one of the world’s biggest tech companies for hurting advertising, digital advertising’s umbrella body has urged the company to become a member. Following his speech at his Annual Leadership Meeting (ALM), IAB CEO David Cohen told Beet.TV Apple should get “to the table to work with […]


Hollywood, Get Granular: IAB’s Rothenberg Urges Creator Dynamism

ORLANDO — For several decades, it has been one of the main ways of generating advertiser momentum. Now the Hollywood machine that makes the content that supports the marketing messages needs to change. That is according to the executive chair of the organization representing digital media outlets in their ad journey. Creators rising In this […]


Stream On: IAB NewFronts Goes Hybrid In CTV Boom

After a couple of pandemic-impacted years, the IAB’s annual showcase for publishers to pitch their upcoming digital content slates to advertisers is getting underway. Dubbed “Stream On”, IAB’s NewFronts, aimed ad brand marketers and agency professionals, runs May 2 to 5 as what IAB CEO David Cohen calls a “hybrid” event. In this video interview […]


The #BeetCast w/ IAB’s David Cohen: Leading Through Extreme Disruption & Big Plans for a Virtual ALM with Dr. Anthony Fauci

Despite the disruption from Covid, on so many levels, it has been a time of innovation and acceleration in the digital industry. Things have changed dramatically and enabling many of those changes has been the IAB, known as the Interactive Advertising Bureau, the industry trade group that serves the digital publishers and the broader digital […]


Creative Planning Is AI’s ‘Next Frontier’: IAB Tech Lab’s Richardson

What if the acronym “AI” really stood for “Advertising Intelligence”? That’s the kind of question Orchid Richardson is asking at IAB Tech Lab. As VP & MD, Programmatic & Data Center, at the industry body’s research unit, Richardson is leading an exploratory exercise to codify standards for the application of artificial intelligence in advertising. On […]


Apple’s IDFA Change Will Hurt Consumers & Apps: IAB’s Mitchell

SAN FRANCISCO –  Apple has always tended to play by its own rules. That was the case when its first staff were toiling in a garage to build their first machines, and it is the case today when it is making profound changes to the fabric of advertising software. Besides the deprecation of third-party browser […]


Crumbling Cookies Fueling OTT Ads, First-Party Data: IAB’s Richardson

For many, the deprecation of third-party cookies by Mozilla, Apple and, soon, Google’s Chrome comes as the end of a chapter in online advertising. But it is also the beginning of a new era. A new IAB report, The State of Data 2020, reveals how the crumbling of cookies is fuelling several new trends: US spending on […]


IAB Wraps 1st Virtual NewFronts With Eye Toward Future Growth

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is moving into a busy year ahead after wrapping up its NewFronts that were for the first time in a virtual format because of coronavirus pandemic. By bringing buyers and sellers together online, the IAB was able to expand attendance beyond the confines of an event space. Participation in this […]

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