Teads is leaning into measuring attention – for one simple reason – it drives results brands care about.

While there has been a great deal of interest in tracking attention in the ad world,  much of it has been focused on finding better ways to evaluate creative or media outlets. But through its research, Teads has found a strong correlation between high attention and business outcomes – so much so that it could shakeup how the industry functions.

“I think there is an opportunity think about the role of attention relative to currency,” Neala Brown SVP, Strategy and Insights at Teads told Beet.TV.

However, as we’ve already seen play out this year in TV,  shifting currencies isn’t easy. Teads sees attention metrics potentially working across all digital media. But getting the entire business to row in a different direction will be a tall order.

“Whenever there is change there is always a bit of a challenge,” she said. when have an entire industry built around a metric, there is a transition.”

Teads has focused on operationalized so that it is an easy “lever that can be pulled,” she added. That will likely take some time. In the meantime, contextual targeting may provide brands and easy way of shifting tactics. “we need to think about what our tool kit is in a cookie-less world,” Brown said.