By now you might think that all the millions invested in preventing digital ad fraud, the industry would have the problem licked. Not so, according to Scott Marsden, President, Media & Analytics at Quigley Simpson.

“It’s a huge problem,” he told Beet.TV. “It stems across every screen and every platform.”

Including of course, connected TV, where the hefty CPMs make things all the more attractive to fraudsters. “There is a lot of challenge in CTV,” he said. “It’s across the board. When there is money to be made, there will always be some sort of fraud in the marketplace. The reality is you have to be very wary of the inventory you are buying.”

That’s where blockchain technology may help. Because it is immutable, explained Marsden, blockchain technology is very difficult for fraud perpetrators to mess with. So far, early tests with advertisers have proven promising. “We have dabbled in that capacity, and we are seeing exciting results.”