While some in the ad industry are still skeptical, Raphael Rivilla, chief media officer Marcus Thomas Agency, is a big believer in blockchain technology.

The agency has run campaigns using various DSPs., Consistently, when working with Blockboard’s blockchain-infused platform, Marcus’ Thomas’s clients avoid fraud, optimize faster, and generate stronger return on ad spend, he said.

That’s because blockchain technology allows the agencies clients to have a much sharper handle on where its ads are running, and to make smarter adjustments before they actual spend money on media. “Blockchain helps us understand what’s working and what’s not working in a very transparent way,” he said. “The depth of data [from Blockboard] is a lot deeper.”

So much so that Rivilla has found ways to improve reach for certain campaigns, while better managing frequency and keeping costs – in part because blockchain lessens the need for multiplpe ad tech middlemen, he found.

I think that’s the secret sauce,” he said. “I think [blockchain] can change media investment pretty dramatically.”