Rishad Tobaccowala: The Advertising Value Exchange “Sucks” for Consumers

TV consumers are getting a very bad deal. But digital consumers are getting exploited. Those were some of the takeaway from Rishad Tobaccowala, senior advisor Publicis, when he was asked about the state of the seemingly implicit value exchange between people are getting brands. “It isn’t as fair and as even as people anticipated,” he […]


Habu’s Jon Suarez-Davis – Technology Isn’t Holding up Data Collaboration – It’s People

For a long time, the ad industry was playing catch up on data and technology. Today, according to Jon Suarez-Davis, Strategic Advisor for Habu, that’s no longer the case, as the technology for most sophisticated forms of collaboration and execution is in place. What’s holding up adoption, if anything, is people,  as well as the […]


Lou Paskalis: When it Comes to Ad Targeting, It’s Time to Rebuild

Digital ad targeting isn’t just going through change. It may be ceasing to exist as the we’ve has long known it. That, to Lou Paskalis CEO and Founder of AJL Advisory, is a a good thing, For too long, privacy and targeting have been at odds. In fact, according to Paskalis, the work targeting is […]


Luma’s Terry Kawaja on Why Clean Room Companies May Not Make It as Solo Acts

NEW YORK – Terry Kawaja, CEO and founder of Luma Partners, knows the ad tech/martech ecosystem better than most. He’s not so sure there is room for a flurry – let alone a whole Lumascape slide worth – of clean room startups. “I have a mixed view on clean rooms,” Kawaja told Beet.TV. “Do you […]