There have been some doubters when it comes to the potential impact of blockchain in the advertising business. Adam Herman, Executive Vice President, Chief Innovation Officer at Zimmerman Advertising is a big believer.

Herman has been employing technology from the startup Blockboard for numerous clients’ campaigns. And thus far, the technology is saving them money upfront, and on the back end.

“Every impressions is a true impression,” he told Beet.TV. When putting together media plans, Zimmerman doesn’t have to “pay for 3,000 people when I want to reach 1,000,” he said. And once campaigns are up and running, Blockboard helps eliminate discrepancies and bogus impressions.

“It really reduces the waste,” he said. That’s crucial, given how much brands are leaning on first party data and technology to hone media plans.

“It is really a shift in the basics,” Herman said. “What used to be a lot of guesswork is now pure science.”

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