Addressable media can bring better results to advertisers – but there is still an understanding gap between the potential and the realization.

That is according to an ad-tech leader at the sharp end of brands’ use of ad data.

In this video interview with Mike Shields for Beet.TV, Scott Howe, CEO, LiveRamp, says he wants to help the industry go faster.

The first-party party

Howe says addressable ad  inventory lifts results by up to 100% for both brands and publishers.

And he says the growing interest in first party data, which has come particularly in response to the demise of some digital ad identifiers, offers great promise.

“The perfect marriage happens when advertisers are using their first party CRM data with publishers who are using their first party authenticate,” Howe says.

“We’re going to end up in a situation where every company starts with their first party data.”

Going faster

LiveRamp is a San Francisco-based technology company whose platform enables companies to connect, control, and activate their data.

LiveRamp offers its RampID solution, which uses a people-based identifier to unify customer data across offline and online channels. This identifier enables companies to recognize and target their customers across devices and channels, providing a more personalized and relevant customer experience.

But LiveRamp’s Howe says some customers are struggling to adapt to the speedy new digital ad tools on offer.

Paraphrasing, he says one client reported: “It feels like I bought a Porsche but I don’t know how to drive (with a gear) stick.”

Howe adds: “Everybody knows that they need it to go fast, they need it for performance. But there are still so many of us who don’t quite know what to do.

“So, as an industry, we have to evangelize and educate. We have to offer new packages. We have to explain when something’s not working, why it might not be working, and offer suggestions for how to make it work even more effectively. Evangelization and education.”

You’re watching “The Future of Addressability in CTV,” a Beet.TV Leadership Series presented by LiveRamp, produced in New York at a Beet.TV Leadership Dinner. For more videos from this series, please visit this page.