Havas Media Group is launching a new attention-tracking metrics in a bid to give its clients a new spin on measurement, going into this year’s TV upfront ad sales season.

Mike Bregman, Chief Data Officer, Havas Media Group, said the company is working on a proprietary solution.

He explained it is driven by a goal to delivery “meaningful experiences”.

Meaningful media

“Attention is something that’s been hugely beneficial to us as we’ve started deconstructing how meaningful experiences work,” Bregman said.

“Measuring the effectiveness of the touch points, measuring the types of consumer journeys, measuring how the eyeballs are actually tracking and engaging with content on screen… all of that brings us to our own proprietary metric that we’re calling the Meaningful Attention Unit.

“We’re going to be testing a lot of that in in the upfronts. We’re going to be engaging with our top performance clients …”

The currency of attention

Brands and their agencies are looking for new waves to measure their media, now that traditional user-targeting methods are waning after the deprecation and limitation of digital identifiers.

Dentsu has launched its own EACPM, an effective attention cost per a thousand.

Whilst metrics like viewabilty have tended to focus on how the technical framing of an ad makes for the possibility of it being rendered on screen, the real attention given by consumers to an ad has remained murkier.

Meanwhile, many premium publishers are trying to pivot the industry away from traditional buying metrics, toward a measurement technique they feel is more their strong suit, attention.

Attention to data

“We’re trying to hook up the pipes,” Bregman said. “We’re trying to get the ad tech world to really embrace new ways of thinking and to really challenge a lot of the conventions that have been out there for a long time.”

Bregman’s Havas Media Group has its own ad planning and buying platform, Converged. It partnered with LiveRamp to enable a data collaboration service within Converged.

And now Havas is also set to launch its own data offering.

“We’ve delved into the data science space,” Bregman added. “We’ve formed our own engineering team. We have our own consulting offering. I think we’re now at a point where we’ve achieved the scale in market, the successes to go in and brand our own independent data offering.”