CBS’ Subramanyam: Thinking About Scale and Addressability Together

The dream for many in CTV is that the emerging medium will finally allow for TV advertising to work just like digital advertising, where everyone is delivered a customized ad each time they log on. Radha Subramanyam president and Chief Research and Analytics Officer, CBS Corporation, has a question about that. “Is that what we […]


Fox’s Darren Sherriff on What Needs to Happen for National Addressable Ads on TV

The pieces are all there. TV has the data, the technology and the advertising interest in finally making national addressability a reality. It just need to play catch up to other media “We’re actually been behind,” Darren Sherriff, Vice President, Advertising Technology SolutionsVice President, Advertising Technology Solutions Fox Networks Group told Beet.TV. “what we’re trying to […]


Luma’s Terry Kawaja on Why Clean Room Companies May Not Make It as Solo Acts

NEW YORK – Terry Kawaja, CEO and founder of Luma Partners, knows the ad tech/martech ecosystem better than most. He’s not so sure there is room for a flurry – let alone a whole Lumascape slide worth – of clean room startups. “I have a mixed view on clean rooms,” Kawaja told Beet.TV. “Do you […]


Havas Launching Attention Metric In Time For Upfronts

Havas Media Group is launching a new attention-tracking metrics in a bid to give its clients a new spin on measurement, going into this year’s TV upfront ad sales season. Mike Bregman, Chief Data Officer, Havas Media Group, said the company is working on a proprietary solution. He explained it is driven by a goal […]


Paramount’s Travis Scoles: TV Needs to Embrace Complexity While Breaking Down Silos

TV advertising is becoming more complicated. At the same time, TV ad buying and selling needs to become much simpler. That’s why Paramount is looking to bring together its sales teams to better reflect advertisers’ budgets and needs, while also striving to not over complicate things. Thus, the media giant is, “thinking about total video […]


LiveRamp’s Howe Evangalizes On The Road To Addressable Media

Addressable media can bring better results to advertisers – but there is still an understanding gap between the potential and the realization. That is according to an ad-tech leader at the sharp end of brands’ use of ad data. In this video interview with Mike Shields for Beet.TV, Scott Howe, CEO, LiveRamp, says he wants to […]