A 2022 in which Nielsen has been working on overhauling its measurement offerings and gaining re-accreditation with the Media Rating Council will culminate with a busy period for Deirdre Thomas and the company.

For Thomas – MD, US Audience Measurement, Nielsen – Q4 has a number of marker points.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Thomas, who will be appearing at Beet Retreat 2022 Santa Monica, explains.

‘Exciting quarter’

While some TV networks have begun adopting new-style digital measurement systems, Nielsen has been incrementally building out its cross-screen measurement solution, Nielsen ONE.

Next up in what Thomas calls an “exciting quarter”, the company will launch its Nielsen ONE Content alpha in November, followed by a launch of Nielsen ONE Ads in December – after appearing at Beet Retreat early November.

“Nielsen ONE Ads is de-duplicated four-screen measurement across linear television, connected television, mobile and computer,” Thomas says. “It’s underpinned by our identity system to provide the de-duplication across all of those things.”

Current currencies

The Nielsen ONE Ads system will come with additions for more granular TV measurement.

“It’s also the first time that we are debuting our sub-minute linear television measurement,” Thomas says.

“We are moving from a world where today we provide average commercial minutes so that every commercial within a television programme gets the same rating, which is called C3 or C7 in industry vernacular, to providing individual commercial metrics so that every spot in a programme has its own audience measurement its own metrics associated with that.

“That level of comparability is something that we haven’t been able to provide in the past.”


Nielsen has faced challenges because TV companies are advertisers are looking for new ways to measure TV consumption with more granularity than conventional panels and as part of holistic media behavior.

But Nielsen’s Thomas is at pains to point out two things:

  • Nielsen’s latest offerings are all about “big data”.
  • They are backed by a panel as an addition.

“Without a representative panel to work with that big data and provide a truth set … you’re not getting there … You’ll have skews in representation of different types of people,” she says. “You’ll be talking about households or devices instead of people.

“So the journey we’re on at Nielsen is bringing together the largest set of big data that any provider has out there in concert with our census-level panel to provide de-duplicated person-level measurement across all of those touchpoints.

“We are laser-focused on powering a better media future for all people and for providing clarity in a really complex world.

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