It is an expanding universe of TV, but one in which the overall volume of ads may yet be smaller than in the linear generation.

As more advertisers pile into the platform, some think software is going to become increasingly key in getting the most out of the tech.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jay Prasad, Chief Strategy Officer, TV & Measurement, LiveRamp, says automation will be required.

Scaled solution

“Even with Netflix inventory coming on, you’re still in a  supply-constrained world,” Prasad says.

“So being able to be efficient with CTV advertising — meaning using audiences, using context, being able to not have impressions being wasted with the wrong creative to the wrong audience…

“These things are going to matter even more so because, in a supply-constrained world, the CPMs go up.”


LiveRamp is a software supplier offering identity resolution, data activation, data collaboration and a data marketplace.

The company claims its customer ThirdLove, a DTC underwear brand, achieved a 71.3% lift in website visits via search, measured by LiveRamp’s Data Plus Math.

This summer, the company joined Salesforce’s AppExchange.

Beyond linear

“If you’re a performance based marketer but like the branding opportunity in CTV, you may try three different creative types for three different audiences,” Prasad adds. “Now you’re looking at nine permutations.

“You want be able to test how those creatives are performing, engaging, and selling all the way through and then make decisions about increasing the scale for any one particular creative.

“That really is something that has come live with CTV that wasn’t really there in linear.”

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