The onset of the pandemic had a profound effect on people’s behavior with restrictions on travel and public gatherings. It also sped up the growth of streaming services as people looked for ways to entertain themselves at home instead of going to the movies, restaurants, gyms, stores another venues.

As people get back to traveling, United Airlines seeks to ensure that its brand is top of mind. The carrier this year launched its first national advertising campaign – “Good leads the way” – in a decade. The integrated campaign seeks to reach consumers throughout portions of the purchase funnel, and not just brand awareness at the top.

“We know consumers come into the consumer journey at all different portions,” Brittany Clauss, director of advertising and social media strategy at United Airlines, said in this interview with Beet.TV. “It doesn’t generally just start top to bottom, I think, like we always saw.”

Guiding consumers to the point of booking a flight includes a performance marketing strategy and a variety of media platforms such as connected television.

“We work really in partnership with that performance marketing team to ensure that we’re pulling that thread through,” Clauss said.

With the “Good leads the way” campaign, United is seeing indications that its efforts are having a positive effect.

“We’ve been really seeing amazing metrics in places like increasing brand preference, being a leader in aviation,” Clauss said. “You’ll actually see us in a lot of places, even throughout the rest of the year — just really trying to hit not only some tentpole moments, but also utilizing all channels  across the board to make sure that our target audience is really seeing our message.”

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