It is a medium which promises the richness of linear TV creative with the targetability and measurement of digital.

But connected TV (CTV) still has to solve pieces of the puzzle.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Janelle De Rivera, Director of Product Management, Moat Analytics, Oracle, explains why CTV ad buyers are looking for more.

More measurement

“One of the challenges with CTV is that it is a very nuanced ad environment and it is still a fragmented landscape that lacks consistency across platforms and devices,” De Rivera says.

“What the current landscape CTV really does require is sophisticated measurement and verification solutions.”

Moat is the analytics, brand safety and viewability digital ad software vendor acquired by Oracle in 2017.

A later addition has been capability to correlate brand outcomes back to ad exposures.

Proving performance

De Rivera says many ad buyers in this uncertain economy are leaning toward performance media channels, those which can prove real impact.

Within that, however, brands still want certainty. De Rivera says Moat verifies how different media channels are delivery ads to audiences.

“Another important piece is also looking at how your campaign results stack up to your industry benchmarks,” she says.

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