Established brands have led the way into advertising on connected television, a break from the past when smaller, disruptor brands were more willing to take a chance on a new and comparatively untested medium.

“You see a lot of those smaller brands really try to be the first ones there to exploit a market inefficiency, when they’re new to a market. Oftentimes they can get better value for something they’re buying,” Cameron Miille, head of marketplace activation at Comcast’s FreeWheel, said in this interview with Beet.TV.

“But in connected television, you actually found that the major brands like the top 200 that traditionally buy linear actually came over faster because of how similar to television the experience was,” he said, “and so, you actually had them be far more comfortable with what they were buying than a lot of the non-television-based brands.”

Unlocking Further Growth in CTV

Consumers every year are increasing their time spent with connected television (CTV) , pushing advertisers to follow the eyeballs to these newer platforms. This growth can be sped up in a few ways, Miille said.

“You can offer ways to optimize. You can provide better attribution data,” he said. “Getting a lot of the non-traditional TV buyers to start seeing data that makes it look and feel more like what they’re traditionally able to buy is going to be a key component of how we shift additional dollars over.”

Performance data can help advertisers that are new to television to compare campaign performance with other platforms, such as social media and search engines. Miille pointed to MNTN as a company that can help marketers run CTV campaigns.

“You have the traditional linear space in the top 200 brands there, and then you have a lot of other brands that never bought television before,” Miille said. “Through the help of companies like MNTN in today’s world, we’re able to combine those two together into one ecosystem where you have a lot of non-traditional, TV-style brands able to access and buy television for the first time.”

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