Tools Needed To Tackle CTV Ad Supply Constraint: LiveRamp’s Prasad

It is an expanding universe of TV, but one in which the overall volume of ads may yet be smaller than in the linear generation. As more advertisers pile into the platform, some think software is going to become increasingly key in getting the most out of the tech. In this video interview with Beet.TV, […]


Acquisitions Broaden Performance Marketing Platform on CTV: MNTN’s Ali Haeri

Performance marketing platform MNTN has worked to give television advertisers, including brands that had never run TV campaigns, a way to make their efforts more successful. As connected television (CTV) enables brands to reach target audiences on different devices, performance campaigns can be further enhanced. “We’ve found that a lot of our clients — this […]


CTV Ad Buyers Deserve An Upgrade: Oracle’s De Rivera

It is a medium which promises the richness of linear TV creative with the targetability and measurement of digital. But connected TV (CTV) still has to solve pieces of the puzzle. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Janelle De Rivera, Director of Product Management, Moat Analytics, Oracle, explains why CTV ad buyers are looking for […]


CTV Offers Advancements in Performance Advertising: Magnite’s Dan Fairclough

Digital media outlets gave a variety of direct-to-consumer brands, including disruptive startup brands, a way to advertise to target audiences and quickly see how their campaigns were performing. As more consumers spend with connected television (CTV), marketers are gaining access to a video channel that combines audience targeting with the emotional power of television advertising. […]


CTV Enables More Flexibility With Performance Marketing: MNTN’s Chris Contreras

The past decade saw a proliferation of digitally native brands that harnessed the power of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to reach target audiences. Many of these marketers are gaining the ability to launch targeted television campaigns as more people hook up their TVs to the internet. “Certain segmentation is very similar to […]