Digital media outlets gave a variety of direct-to-consumer brands, including disruptive startup brands, a way to advertise to target audiences and quickly see how their campaigns were performing. As more consumers spend with connected television (CTV), marketers are gaining access to a video channel that combines audience targeting with the emotional power of television advertising.

“The power of CTV, in my opinion, is it’s the best of display and digital and search in that you can find exactly the user you’re looking to find,” Dan Fairclough, head of specialized demand at sell-side advertising platform Magnite, said in this interview with  “It also has obviously the reach of TV, the ability to reach a wide amount of people very, very quickly.”

The cost of advertising on television had been too prohibitive for direct-to-consumer brands that could find greater efficiencies in digital media. As television becomes more targeted, these brands can find the performance they seek from their campaigns.

“It’s such a solid environment to have your ad resonate. People are purposefully viewing. They’re leaned in,” Fairclough said, adding that Magnite provides access to an aggregated supply of CTV ad inventory that’s cost-effective.

“The amazing thing is that with connected television, the more people who are watching means the more impressions that we are available to serve,” he said. As more and more people watch their content on connected television, there’s going to be even more and more inventory available.”

Partnering with Performance Platforms

Magnite is working with performance platforms such as MNTN to help their clientele to improve the effectiveness of their campaigns. These improvements encourage advertisers to expand their media budgets as their business grows.

“There’s so much potential at our fingertips now with a company like Magnite and a company like MNTN,” Fairclough said. “The opportunity is sitting right in front of us…where we could utilize the power of our platform, the data of aggregating publishers across the spectrum to empower their buy and ultimately again drive performance for their partners and clients.”

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