CANNES — Sometimes in media, what’s old is new.

In this industry, people see trends as novel when they have been latent for some time.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Dan Rosenfeld, SVP, Advertising Analytics & Insights, DIRECTV Advertising, talks about some of those trends.

Currency history lesson

Many TV networks have begun experimenting with alternative measurement currencies to Nielsen, as ad buyers have sought certainty in a cross-platform era.

But Rosenfeld says the “inflexion point” for “alt currencies” has already been passed.

“At DIRECTV we’re already on 10 years of alternative measurement with Comscore using big data, large advanced audience targets, and in transacting on Comscore data,” he says.

Live is now

Despite the rise of on-demand in the last decade, it isn’t the only game in town.

“Big moments in terms of content still are occurring and they’re occurring at a specific time and date,” says Rosenfeld. “It’s not necessarily a consumer’s preference to watch that moment on-demand.

“Those things are big sporting events, news events, the finale 90 Day Fiancé, where people can’t wait and appointment viewing still exists.

“And that’s not just with the elderly or the the millennials, it goes across the spectrum. Live events are still drawing massive audiences and there’s a value there.”

Disrespectful junk

But one contemporary media trend is certainly all about the new world.

Rosenfeld says data-powered advertising respects audiences by finding “relevance”, whilst those that don’t use data are “disrespectful” and can be “junk”.

“A savvy advertiser is going want to connect with a consumer when they’re in a good place,” he says.

Rosenfeld says data-driven ads create a “symbiotic relationship” between consumer and advertiser, one which can lead to better outcomes.

“What’s good for the consumer is also good for the advertiser,” he says.

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