CANNES — It took a while for the infrastructure to get rolling, but now addressable TV is hitting its straps.

That is the view from a growing number of executives talking about the new capability to swap out linear TV ads for targeted alternatives.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Joel Hassell, CEO, Canoe Ventures, paints a picture of addressable’s evolution.

Pipes are laid

“Years ago, we didn’t have the infrastructure in place that needed to be in place with the distributors to be able to support it,” Hassell says.

“We’re now in a space where we actually can hit target audiences in a fashion that we couldn’t years ago.”

DirecTV also recently said the idea that addressable could not deliver scale is a “misperception” – addressable now has a 56 million-household footprint in the US, eMarketer says.

The Misperceptions Of Addressable: DIRECTV Advertising’s Groner

Specs help scale

Hassell says new IPTV providers have also advanced addressability as a capability.

But he says the deployment of SCTE-35 and SCTE-224, two standards for cable TV systems, being deployed by deployed by Comcast and Cox, have helped cable providers do the same.

Respectively, the standards help introduce dynamic ad insertion in TV play-outs.

Canoe is the engine

Canoe’s Porter On Three Plans To Take Addressable National

That is helping addressable capabilities get deployed in national TV inventory.

Canoe recently announced deals with with AMCDiscovery, WarnerMedia and TelevisaUnivision to enable their national inventory across video-on-demand and live linear.

Canoe was conceived as an ambitious cable industry effort to insert ads in interactive TV

It provides integration, monitoring, resolution and analysis to improve the experience of MVPD VOD, including understanding audience target segmentation data.

Canoe has been enabling networks to sell their VOD ads for the last decade.

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