DIRECTV Advertising’s Rosenfeld Sees Alt Currency’s Long Heritage, Live TV Remaining Strong

CANNES — Sometimes in media, what’s old is new. In this industry, people see trends as novel when they have been latent for some time. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Dan Rosenfeld, SVP, Advertising Analytics & Insights, DIRECTV Advertising, talks about some of those trends. Currency history lesson Many TV networks have begun experimenting […]


Xandr’s Ad Graph Will Scale Up To 5G

A few short years ago, few could have predicted that Game Of Thrones, Wolf Blitzer, basketball stars and broadband infrastructure engineers would be rubbing shoulders in the same company. But that’s what the modern AT&T – incorporating WarnerMedia’s Turner and CNN – now looks like. For the corporation – like Verizon alongside it – it […]