CANNES — In an advertising world shook-up by privacy regulation and practices, marketers’ own data can build a “bridge” to the future.

A growing number of brands are coming to that realization.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Ryan McBride, Sr. Director, Global Head of Product Strategy, Oracle Advertising, explains why it is true.

Fuel tomorrow

“There’s new regulation popping up every day,” McBride says.

“The important change now is not relying traditionally only on things like legacy digital targeting tactics, third party cookie, even though they’re obviously still great solutions today.

“It’s starting to plan for a future in which your first party data assets of the marketer become that foundational fuel, if you will, to power other enrichment services on top of that.”

Point to the future

McBride’s Oracle has a range of offers spanning marketing, advertising and customer experience.

It previously acquired Moat, a brand safety software vendor.

But McBride is wary of certain software responses to the new world.

“A lot of providers are creating what you would call point solutions or solutions for today’s problem, but not a great idea of what tomorrow’s problems are going to be,” he complains.

“What we have to do is make sure that we are future proofing and end-to-end solution versus continuing to perpetuate the concept of disparate and distorted media measurement across different channels.

“We have a unique opportunity right now to take a position on leveraging the great things we’ve built in the digital landscape and ensuring that we apply them appropriately into the TV spaces.”

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