CANNES —  The Cannes Lions festival can be a vantage point from which executives see and advance media’s emerging trend lines.

For Matt McLeggon, that means workflows coming together, just as it meant those executives coming together at the festival.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, McLeggon, senior vice president of advanced solutions at ad-tech firm Magnite, describes the future and contextualizes a recent announcement from his company.

Sales team unification

“We are moving towards a future of convergence,” McLeggon says.

“I think, in five years, you’re not going have a digital sales team and a linear sales team – you’ll have one sales team.

“Those teams will also have a single set of tools and technologies and business models that they use to monetize television, wherever it’s viewed and how however it’s viewed.”

Attraction for DirecTV

McLeggon and Magnite are playing their part in that convergence.

This year, Magnite has launched president page integration to simplify header bidding configurations, deal discovery to enhance private marketplace creation and signed with NewsGuard to enhance a commitment to brand safety.

It has also been picked by DIRECTV for programmatic ad sales enablement.

The company will extend programmatic automation to DIRECTV’s traditional TV inventory.

DIRECTV Drawn To Magnite To Make Traditional TV Programmatic

Direct to unity

“DirecTV, we’ve have a longstanding relationship on the digital side, programmatically,” McLeggon says.

“We’re now able to reach satellite telco subscribers as well, based on the partnership.

“It’s a new audience for programmatic buyers, and it also allows them to have unified frequency management, unified campaign management across traditional linear, as well programmatic streaming.”

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