The Big Bang that began when the internet was unleashed on consumers shows no sign of abating.

A proliferating number of digital media platforms is delighting audiences – and making a headache for communicators.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, John Nardone, President, Mediaocean, explains why there is a chronic need to soothe creative complexity.

Different strokes

Nardone says newer platforms exhibit different characteristics to TV of yore.

“In social, you see a lot more short-form video – six- and seven-second videos versus longer-form videos that you’re used to in TV,” he says.

“But also there’s a diversity of environments across the social platforms. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snap, Pinterest.

“Those are all different environments that require different takes in order to maximise the impact of the video. That creates executional challenges.”

Creative challenges

“Fragmentation of media creates all kinds of media planning challenges, but even more acute are the challenges to creative and production,” Nardone adds.

“I’ve got a basic piece of video that I want to get out into the market, but now, how do I tweak that piece of video for maximum impact in an environment that is skippable after six seconds, or not skippable and restricted to 15 seconds, or is an actual six-second unit?”

Mediaocean’s recent acquisition of Flashtalking means it is now offering Flashtalking Ad Studio, a software suite giving advertisers the ability to construct ad creative based on decisioning rules, delivery methods, A/B test results, in-bound feed data and more.

Platform concerns

Mediaocean’s Nardone says connected TV has to be approached differently from linear.

“There’s far lower ad load in aggregate, far fewer ads per hours of programming, and large swaths of streaming services have no ads at all,” he says.

“And then, where there are ads, there’s a very different level of consumer engagement in this content where people tend not to just put it on as background noise, but have a much higher focus on the content that they’re consuming.

“They’ve chosen when to consume it on their terms, and therefore engagement is very, very different.”

Setting sail

For more than 50 years,  Mediaocean, formerly known as Donavan Data Systems, has been the software solution of choice for both TV advertisers and sellers, powering ad management, inventory and billing.

About $200 billion in annualized media spending goes through its platform, or about a third of the global total.

With the recent acquisitions of 4C and Flashtalking, Mediaocean became a cross-platform company that expanded beyond its roots to planning, optimization and measurement.

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