Mediaocean, the New York-based firm, best know a software platform to manage linear advertising, has made a major move into the area of audience analytics and planning with the acquisition of Chicago-based 4C Insights.

The acquisition is for over $150 million in equity and cash. The Wall Street Journal first it  reported today.

Update:  The Chicago Tribune puts the sale price closer to $200 million.

CEO Bill Wise told the Journal: “Mediaocean has processed $70 billion of TV year after year—that has been the most consistent part of our business. What we’ve started to see is, there is more and more fragmentation of that $70 billion,” Mr. Wise said. “Users are consuming quote-unquote TV inventory on many devices.”

Lance Neuhauser, CEO of 4C, will become president of Mediaocean; 4C founder Alok Choudhary will become chief scientist at Mediaocean, a role he currently holds at 4C, and will also join the firm’s board of directors.

We interviewed Bill Wise in 2018 about the evolution of the company’s new offerings and road map.  We have republished that interview with today’s news.