It seems so straightforward – deliver the right ad to the right person at the right time.

But, in the era of infinite connections and myriad possibilities, Kevin Lemberg thinks you should get ready for unending complexity.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Lemberg, Head of Partnerships, Advertising Suite, Comcast Technology Solutions, explains why he thinks more ad buyers are going to need to call on help from software.

Complex creativity

“Agencies and clients are going to see a lot of operational complexities around advanced advertising,” Lemberg says.

“Standardisation and automation and backend workflows are going to be something people are going to start thinking about.

“The complexities and standardising (involve) getting the right creative in front of the right audiences, and then starting to personalise that message and understanding, ‘are we using the right creative to speak to those advanced advertising audiences?'”

What’s next

Comcast’s footprint includes NBC and Sky, a cable division and ad-tech including FreeWheel.

The division offers a host of solutions to bring infrastructure to the digital TV world.

Comcast Technology Solutions recently published a report, What’s Next For TV Advertising?, detailing four changes that will happen in the next five years:

  1. Addressable becomes a reality
  2. Workflows get automated
  3. Standards are helped to scale
  4. Data will differentiate measurement abilities

Separate Systems Aren’t Fit To Manage TV Ad Tsunami: Comcast Technology Solutions’ Nunn


Lemberg says the possibilities of technology for advertising are compelling.

“The metadata behind the creatives … understanding not only ‘is it a car brand?’, but ‘what car marque is it?’, ‘is it a pickup truck versus a sedan’? ‘is it in a cityscape versus a mountainscape?’, ‘is it blue versus red?’, ‘are there a family versus a single person there?'”

He says he thinks Comcast Technology Solutions has “80% of the solution” but the company is filling the remaining 20% through partnerships with companies like Mediaocean on media activation and its subsidiary Flashtalking.

“t’s placing that right creative against the right audiences and really taking advantage and start speaking to those audiences and start to drive home the contextual element of the creatives and the content itself,” Lemberg says.

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