Advertisers and media companies have been pushing for improvements in the measurement of television viewing. After ratings stalwart Nielsen lost accreditation from the Media Rating Council, there is greater urgency to develop alternative methods of audience measurement – and the related currencies for ad transactions – as the upfront sales season approaches.

“I’m extraordinarily excited that right now there are multiple currencies that are workable and are practical and logical, and that this upfront is very much going to be a multicurrency upfront,” Radha Subramanyam, chief research and analytics officer at broadcaster CBS, said in this Beet.TV interview with consultant Zach Rodgers.

It remains to be seen how many television ratings companies the media marketplace will support. There are also opportunities for different kinds of measurement, including business outcomes for advertising campaigns.

“We will start to differentiate the different pieces of the measurement industry and there will be three or four or five who are dominant in audience measurement,” Subramanyam said. “I actually see room for segmentation within the measurement ecosystem that becomes more distinct over time.”

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