The last few years of connected TV growth may have been marked by an explosion in subscription VOD consumption.

But the rise of ad-supported streaming (AVOD) options also opens the door for consumers looking for lower-cost options.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Darren Sherriff, VP, Advertising Technology Solutions, Fox Networks Group, says that means an opportunity for advertisers to reach a wider set of consumers.

Economic incentive

CTV reaches more diverse audiences rather than traditional television,” Sherriff says.

“The barrier to entry for gaining a CTV is fairly cheap. You could go down to any local big box store and pick up a decent size CTV for $150, $200.

“You just connect that to your CTV … Within minutes, you’re sitting there watching high quality content that regardless of your economic standpoint or where you are in the country.”

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Targeting breadth

Fox’s horse in the AVOD race is Tubi TV, acquired two years ago for $220 million.

Sherriff says Tubi TV is helping Fox reach wider audience set by dint of its wide content library, but the group is also making shows catering to specific demographic groups.

“Fox is able to target specific in market shoppers, regardless of where they are, regardless of their diversity or economic status as they consume Fox content,” he says.

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Innovation in 2022

Next-up, Sherriff thinks the two worlds of TV will collide.

“Innovation within the media space this year is really going to be around the convergence of linear and digital,” he says.

“We have one big melting pot of targeting users who view Fox content, regardless of what platform, regardless of what method they use or device they use.

“The real big thing that we’re going to see this year is a cross-platform, omni-channel sort of approach where that sort of targeting line jumps back and forth between digital and linear in a way that it never did before.”

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